Friday, October 28, 2011

Foggy country mornings

Victoria waiting for her people to arrive home
Christopher stayed here last night so I would make certain he was awake and on campus for a mid-term exam.  His ability to sleep through alarms as well as having a conversation with one and then being quite upset with them when he goes back to sleep (and believes they never woke him up in the first place)... is stuff of family legend.

So... to make certain he made morning mid-terms, he stayed here two nights in a row and this morning I took his car and dropped him off on campus.  As we drove country roads into town, the foggy haze hovering over the landscape reminded me of the first time he drove home alone at night (age late sixteen or early seventeen).  He called me not too far from the house to say it was the creepiest drive of his life with fog just hovering over the graveyard and making the lake spookier than usual.  He just needed to call and hear a human voice. 

I believe if a deer had jumped out of the woods or a cornfield right then... as they are prone to do when least expected... he would have had heart failure right there and I would have been writing about the late great Christopher.

I had to admit, even with the backdrop of a beautiful morning rising of the sun on the horizon... it was just a little unnerving.  He thinks it is due to that low fog being the backdrop of too many creepy movies we have seen.  I don't watch real horror films as I'd just as soon not be scared in real life or on the screen... but I do enjoy a good mystery now and then. 

Just recently I watched on DVD my favorite X-files show (a series which must be watched with discernment I admit) called Bad Blood, which was one of the comedy episodes they were famous for... a spoof of vampire shows and one I must admit to laughing through as I texted favorite lines to Stephanie between giggles.

Now, admitting I watch the X-files now and then may drop a few people from my rss feed (I do notice drops and rises after TV, movie, and book recommendations) but alas it is part of that rather odd part of my otherwise straight and narrow personality that has a passion for science fiction and disaster shows.

I'm certain if I lay on a counselor's sofa and talked about my fascination with such media while at the same time not "celebrating" Halloween or reading Harry Potter may send him (her) back to graduate school for further study.

But in the meantime, I did enjoy spending time with my "boy" and it has been interesting to hear about his ancient civilization studies (especially about the Hebrews and how it all fits in with the Old Testament). 

The haze had lifted on the way home as the sunshine was cast through the remaining leaves of gold and copper and chartreuse.  All was bright and cheerful, especially as I had decided to drive home the scenic route which does not pass the graveyard and lake. 

I will be brave and make the return trip on that road... I think.


Heather said...

We've been enjoying some magnificent foggy mornings - I love watching the sun burn through the fog and make the water droplets on the yellow leaves sparkle! There is a certain hush about a foggy day that makes me want to hum to fill up the silences.

I've been away from blogging too long - so nice to catch up a bit again!

Anonymous said...

Hey, X Files is a great show. Love the picture of Victoria. She looks like she wants a pat on the head.

Vee said...

Perhaps it's all in the way a scene is described. If you described the foggy morning as cozy and enveloping who knows how perspective would change. People stop following because of a book you've read or a movie you've watched? How shallow.

Motherkitty said...

It sounds like you had a marvelous time with Christopher. I am delighted for you.
You will not see this gal falling away because you watched the X Files. We all have our "vices." ;-)
Please, give Miss Victoria a chin rub or a belly rub or whatever she prefers for me. Such a beautiful girl!
Have a serene and happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar feeling of unease when I walked my dog at our local bayfront park last week. On that foggy, misty evening everything was thick and black, the air, the clouds even the choppy water. The fog was black over the water, and the air felt damp and heavy. It was so creepy and spooky that I cut the dog's walk short. I do not care for spooky things.

Mrs.Rabe said...

X-Files was one of my mothers favorite tv shows - and I admit to watching a few...:)

We had a public golf course near where I grew up and it was creepy on foggy mornings...

Snow is on it's way, but we are headed to Florida for my mother in law's 90th birthday!

Have a lovely weekend.


ps - you are a really good mother!

Anonymous said...

My friends used to tape X-files & vet the episodes for me - if they were too scary, I couldn't watch them.

Speaking of book recommendations, I saw your comment about the GLH bio over on PleasantView Schoolhouse & ordered it via your widget - I didn't know there was a bio. Very excited! Thanks.

Connie in San Diego

jAne said...

i don't watch much television and don't even know what the x files is. eye rollage. ;o)

your sweet victoria is beautiful. give her a lovie from me, would you? i miss my kitty boy.

too funny about your son's interesting sleep habit.

Anonymous said...

Your Christopher and my Andrew sound so much alike. Just last evening after supper we carried on a conversation, he was in his room upstairs and I was at the bottom of the steps talking up to him. Unbeknownst to me, he was sleeping and didn't remember any of the conversation later on. I tell him he is lucky he is cute.

Brenda, don't feel you are alone - I too am an X-files fan. I don't celebrate Halloween and have no desire to read the Harry Potter stories. My family and friends still love me and put up with my oxymoronisms, thinking they are cute and unique. They are just a part of all of us, those many quirks and opinions that make us all different. If someone leaves because of some of your quirks, so be it, they are the ones missing out on your wonderful personality that makes you who you are. I'm here to stay as long as you will allow me to visit. :)


karen said...

No judgement here-love X-Files! ...and even if I did'nt, I still wouldn't care if you watched. 8>)

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

We had fog yesterday morning too (I'm posting this on Saturday) and I had to leave at 6:30am for a doctor's appt. about 30 minutes from home......And drive through the National Park (Cuyahoga Valley) where deer lurk beside the road waiting to jump in front of my car, or so it often seems.....But all's well that ends well and I made it home quite safely and the fog burned away. Life is never boring it seems. It's many things, but never boring!

My worst fog memory was in the 60s when the speed limit was still 75 and I drove home from Bowling Green in a dense fog in which I couldn't see the front of my car, but no one slowed down and I couldn't either...

BeBe said...

Dear Bren, Your enjoyment of Sci-Fi along with your other more refined tastes makes you eclectic - or "I like what I like and I ain't apologizing for it!" hehehe