Friday, October 14, 2011

Even more dish talk...

Okay, the above picture has nothing to do with dishes but I think it is beautiful.  It was taken standing at the end of my gravel lane and looking down the county road.  I have more pictures to share next week.  Most of the leaves are now on the ground...

I love hearing about your great thrift store, garage sale, and Goodwill deals.  It doesn't happen often but once in awhile I get this "feeling" that I should stop by Goodwill or a thrift shop, usually I just can't get it out of my head.  Sometimes I give into it and find exactly what I've been wanting, too!  I think those times are usually God winks... when He wants to show us He is listening in a rather unorthodox manner.

I say usually and sometimes because to be quite honest... it's the same feeling I get when the subjects of chocolate or pizza or ice cream land in the nest of my thinking and attempt to stay there until I give into temptation. ;)

I knew a Friendly Village teapot existed so I did a search on and found one at a great price.  (Teapots can be outrageously expensive and I don't even look at those.)  I saved up Amazon credit to purchase it, thinking by having a teapot I can use the thrifted china for much more than just dinners.  As some of you know, I am a huge believer in having a proper tea at home once in awhile, even if it is for one or two (these days that being hubby and moi'... or just moi' and Victoria).

I haven't seen Friendly Village at Tuesday Morning but they carry Churchill china and this time of year they have one or two of their autumnal place settings featured.  As shared before, I found the bowls really cheap on their clearance racks after Thanksgiving one year.

My tastes have changed through the years, too.  I cringe to think of it now but I once saw a complete set of Friendly Village at Goodwill and passed it by.  At that time I was still using my wedding china for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I wasn't thinking of adding any more dish sets.

But then I began to take a second look at the brown transferware and I realized they would be great not only for Holidays but for the entire season... September through November.  I have long decorated for autumn and I love the way the dishes add to the "look".  This year I plan to add them to a shelf in the china cabinet as Miss M. (soon to be Mrs. Christopher) is getting these... a wedding present from her future mother-in-law.   Except for the teapot, which was my very first pretty teapot and a gift from Stephanie when she was in college.

My inexpensive Christmas dishes
My "Christmas" dishes are a very cheap set of Pfaltzgraff (not from their expensive line of stoneware) that I bought at a Meijers store long ago.  I only have four place settings and I use the plates all year long because they are so nice and big.  They are also cheerful and make me happy... which I need more than just at Christmas time.  I usually use my wedding china for Christmas Day.

China cabinet last year
There will always be my collection of pretty china cups and teapots.  Most I purchased really inexpensive while thrifting but some are gifts from beloved family and friends... like my birthday (July) cup Stephanie bought me at Old Sturbridge Village when we spent a lovely day there and the pretty floral cup Sally Clarkson gave me when we finally met in person.

I also have the china I inherited from my mother-in-law (which was her mother's good china).  It will most likely be passed down to one of my granddaughters.

Stephanie at a tea room two or three years ago

Faith and Elisabeth at the same tea room
The girls are growing up!  At the tea room we visited in September.
We are raising a new generation of tea time and pretty china enthusiasts.

Stephanie and I have had different favorite tea rooms but we both agree the ones we love the most (as far as decorations) are those which mix and match the china (teapots and teacups).  I wish I'd taken pictures at the tea room near her which we visited the first time I flew to New England.

Elisabeth was just big enough to join us (small enough for us to be a little nervous about her using the fine china cups) and each place setting and every teapot were different... so cute.  Unfortunately, it went out of business before I visited again.

That same tiny girl now makes scones on a regular basis for her mother!  Time goes so fast, we must make memories while we can.  I love the way Stephanie has tea time with her children (if it includes a strong cup of coffee along with a sweet scone, I expect their Daddy will gladly take part, too).  ;)

Now... for all those who do not share my obsession love of dishes... I will go onto other subjects, at least for awhile.  ;)


Mrs.Rabe said...

I love dishes and china...Tim says that I will be able to supply the girls with dishes when they marry, but I really couldn't! We are collecting their own dishes for them though, as Christmas gifts and birthday gifts, etc...I guess I will have to start collecting for Rachel soon too!

Anytime you want to talk dishes, just message me! ;)


Anonymous said...

Write on whatever thoughts pop into our head or you are pondering.We love them allllll. !! :) Sarah

Anonymous said...

Brenda, I just tried to log into Manuela from your link and it says you have to have a password. When did this happen? Sarah

Catherine said...

I am enchanted by dishes as well. Transfer ware is a favorite. I used to have a lot of Churchill China. Your picture of the county lane is beautiful. I`ve lived in the desert for some years now and vicariously enjoy Fall through other folks pictures. Thank you for sharing.

I miss Tea Rooms. I`m a former Philadelphia girl. One of my dearest friends was a Tea Room server in the 1930`s and 1940`s. She is now 92. Her only complaint was the fashion show models getting in the way of her work. She`s got a great sense of humor.

Vee said...

Brenda, you could write about taking out the trash and I'd be right here reading. You're that good!

We share a love of Friendly Village, which I use all through autumn and winter not having Christmas dishes. I consider those snow scenes in Friendly Village Christmasy and wintery. We also have the same turkey dish. I love that one and found it for cheapo at T.J. Maxx. I've not found any to match so should keep my eyes open.

I did go window shopping for a tea pot through the widget here and learned that Friendly Village tea pots sell for $44 or thereabouts. I call that reasonable. There are comments that the new china is clunky, but to me that says "sturdy." The flea market is selling them for much higher prices. I'm saving my pennies!

Woman of the House said...

I love transferware of all sorts. I have a wide array of blue that we use for many occasions, including everyday. I also have the same set of Christmas dishes you do! My mom gave them to me several years ago.

Echoes From the Hill said...

I joke that I have a china fetish!
I have too many sets of dishes, but I love them all. My favorite set of bone china was purchased for pennies on the dollar, at an auction. Another set was a wedding present. I just bought another set of every day dishes on clearance, because they are so cheerful to behold.

I have two daughters, but their lifestyles are very casual, so I'm hoping my only grand daughter will love china when she is an adult. Right now, she's an infant!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Love the view from the end of your drive. What a lovely place you live in! And loved seeing the happy faces of Stephanie and her tea party loving daughters.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading about your dishes, although I'm not a dish gal myself. I had one basic Corelle that I used for many years and now have a set of (cheap) ironstone. I have teapots but they aren't china. One is a pumpkin, a gift from my mom. I like my big mugs and coffee. BUT, as I said, I enjoy reading about your dishes so never fear, keep writing! Love the picture of fall in your area. We are beautiful here too but not near as many trees. Hope you are blessed today and life is easy, Pam

Linda said...

What beautiful dishes! I love the thrift store, they have such wonderful dish wear. Blessings

Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

What lovely traditions to hand down to the next generation.....

jules said...

Please can you tell me the name of the china that Miss M. will get? It's just lovely.

moreofhim said...

Beautiful dishes and, being a dish lover myself, love to see your beauties. We like a lot of the same patterns and it's fun to see how you have your's displayed.

Thank you for having a gentle place to come and enjoy beauty for awhile.

Blessings - Julie