Saturday, October 08, 2011

Beautiful but hot October days

I'm hoping to accomplish a little photography today and capture the beauty that surrounds me.  Hubby and I were "oooing and awwwwing" all the way home from town yesterday.  The color this year is fabulous. 

We've had unusually hot weather for October.  After a cold, rainy spell what followed were sunshine and heat... July heat!  We're still dipping into the 50s at night so one must take a sweater or jacket with them in the morning and then about noon-ish, suddenly realize they are baking.

Our local TV meteorologist has been scientifically explaining the odd weather on his blog but I don't care what Nina' or Notta' is causing it... I just hope we don't have another bad winter.  I get hungry when it is cold and snowy.  I bake when the weather turns bad.  I have at least ten pounds to lose before the wedding...

Speaking of weddings and in-laws and such, a reader took offense at what I had written in yesterday's post and said she was no longer subscribing because I should not have shared the story about Christopher at his in-laws.  I went back and read and then re-read the post and I could only find good things I'd written about his future in-laws.

The laughter by them (and later by me as he retold the story) was focused on my son and not M.'s mother or family.  It was his reaction we all found so funny and as I wrote, he knew if the person who passed away was a famous author then he would be the one who had the blank face.

As I also wrote, his in-laws are very intelligent people (and nice, too).  They live very far out in the country and do not have access to DSL (and their dial-up is iffy) so modern technology has not been a huge part of their lives.  They do use compute programs in their homeschooling and M.'s dad uses one at work but they have not been on the Internet very much.

They appreciate each others skills and interests, he has helped them get better use of their computers and they have introduced him to dinner theaters.  He and M. drove to the "Big City" recently to see a play at one of her favorite dinner theaters and he enjoyed it very much (although he would enjoy just about anywhere he went with her).  ;)

I told both of my children... as they approached the age for serious relationships... to check out the family before getting serious as they come with the future spouse.  Hubby and I are delighted with M. and her family and Christopher spends most Sundays with them.  He makes the long drive to attend their church and then returns to their house for Sunday dinner and an afternoon of board games or cards.

They have also been instrumental in helping him develop a deeper commitment to Christ.  M.'s mother once told me that she knew her daughter was an answer to another mother's prayer for their son.  A definite yes on that one as he had gone through a couple years of questioning his faith... not doubting Christ as Savior but his own relationship with Him and the Church.  

Hmmmm... the world's greatest son-in-law knew us before popping the question to our daughter... and he wanted to marry her, anyway.  Now that is a very brave man.

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Vee said...

How odd some folks are. To base their opinion of a person on one incident and that such a minor one. When such things happen to me, I'm glad to lose them. If one says, "Now I wish that you hadn't done this or that." I listen. If one says, "Now I wish that you hadn't done this or that and I am not going to play anymore." I think to myself, "Goodbye. Don't let the door hit ya where..."

Can't wait to see your autumn pictures.

Do come visit the fair if you haven't already!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I can't believe someone took offense at what you said - the story was not a 'put down' of Christopher's future inlaws simply a story of how they have different interests and yes, how he would be just as oblivious if it was an author etc, who had died.

Don't let it bother you -

I think it is wonderful advice you gave your children about getting to know the family of your interest. Very wise!

Enjoy your beautiful autumn color...ours is coming on...


Anonymous said...

One problem of this method of communication, is the very limited view into other people's lives. It is only a small window and no one can portray it all. And we can never please everyone can we? You are brave to write as you do on a blog...takes a bit of a thick armor to endure what all people say or think, it seems to me. I guess we humans are prone to make snap judgments sometimes...hope you are not overly upset.

You indeed are so blessed your children have found such nice in-laws. That is no small gift in this life!! The in-laws will have ever so much to do with how much access and joy you are allowed with your children, so we have learned.

jAne said...

i found nothing even slightly askew in your last post. sometimes we cannot possibly please everyone. sometimes folks *look* for things to be offend them, in their defensive embrace. someone did that to me very recently. took what i shared as offense. sigh.

in other news, your warm weather will soon enough turn chill. brrr. :oD

Cheryl (copperswife) said...

Oh, Brenda! I am sorry, because I know it's hurtful to receive comments like that. I thought the story was funny and cute, and it will be a fond memory for the young couple for the rest of their lives.

God means for us to live in community, and I believe that the blogging world is a kind of community. Living in community means being able to share our hearts and lives openly, even though we know we may be hurt, but also hearing what others share without judgment. I've learned so much these last couple of years about that whole judging others thing. sigh..........

Annie said...

Oh dear Brenda, if that's the kind of thing that your former reader takes offense at, she will have a very difficult time negotiating through this world these days. I think her decision speaks more to who SHE is vs. who you are. As Christians, we are not to be easily offended. But the Word also says that a spirit of offense will exist during the latter days.


Anonymous said...

Different people have different interests, that's all. No harm in that. It's like the time two teenagers were sighing over some musician(???!) and I was foolish enough to ask, Who's he? They both gave me the L7 (square) stare.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Well I don't know what she's talking about - I didn't find anything offensive. Anyway, I'm not very techy & I didn't know who Steve Wozniack was until he was on Dancing with The Stars!

Margret said...

Dear Brenda,
As you can see from the comments already received, there was no harm in what you wrote.

I understand your former reader's sensitivity (perhaps someone she knows would be deeply hurt by that). I, too, am protective of loved ones, although I'm sometimes surprised to find my "oh no" concerns unnecessary. The Lord knows her heart and yours, and blesses you both for sharing your love with others.

I also understand because there are times when someone hurts me deeply and they haven't a clue then, when they do find out, they as much as say, "It was no big deal. Get over it." And I must accept that they meant me no harm, just didn't understand.

Finally, I understand because I love communication and my own often trips people up. First, I am INFP, which the Myers-Briggs people say are 1 in a 100 (meaning 99 in a group that size won't get me). Second, I think in my mother tongue so everything I want to say must be rearranged into the order in which we Americans express sentences.

Bottom line: we're all different; we're all unique; and we're all loved by the One who loves us most.

Thank you for your posts. Please continue to write. You bring comfort and wisdom to many more than you know, and whom you'll likely not meet until we're all Home.

All of Heaven's best to you and yours,