Friday, September 02, 2011

Nature's September Fools Day

There are rumors that pumpkin spice lattes have returned to Starbucks.  Which brings to mind colored leaves and pumpkins and copper colored mums and hot apple cider and all kinds of lovely autumnal delights.

The weather, however, is currently 99 degrees and rising which does not bring with it lovely thoughts of curling up with a hot drink and good book.

I do believe nature is trying to fool us into thinking this summer will be ever lasting... not unlike the way we feel about winter in the month of March. 

I was chatting with my favorite cashier at the grocery store today, we both agreed we'll think more kindly of this hot weather come mid-January... but not now.

Especially if you are living without air conditioning.  I don't know who is more miserable, me or Miss Victoria.  Since she had a flea treatment this morning, I'll vote for her.

I was out and about early this morning, hoping to beat the heat by finishing all necessary errands before noon.  It didn't quite happen that way due to a detour to campus to have lunch with my son (a very pleasant change of plans) and the decision to stop by Tuesday Morning before heading to Aldis' to check out their latest pretty paper napkins (a very frugal luxury).

Actually, I also wanted to see the prices on their Churchill china (an autumnal pattern) that I'd seen in their sales paper.  If you've ever been to Tuesday Morning, you will know it is not cheap but it is reasonable for what it offers.  I call it the upscale version of Big Lots.  There aren't many places you can find a Churchill brand mug for $4.99!

This particular china pattern works very well with Friendly Village, too.  I only purchased a mug but I'm happy with it.  I have always been a pretty dishes, unique cookware, lovely stationary, scented soap kinda' girl... which makes that place just heavenly.  Somehow Aldis' wasn't as much fun after that.  :)

After doing our banking, paying bills, and stopping by the aforementioned stores.... I called my husband to tell him I was still alive but stopping by the grocery store to purchase a liter bottle of Diet Sierra Mist.  It is... as I type... chilling in the frig and soon to be poured over a tall glass of ice.  I wonder if Victoria would like ice cubes in her water?


Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

Pumpkin spice lattes, you say! Oh goodie!

I was dragging my feet into September this year (even tho' fall is my favourite season) because our spring/summer was so late in arriving.

BUT, as soon as I ventured out into the morning air yesterday and felt that crisp tang on my face, I changed my feelings about it all.

After all, I LOVE this season. So I'm enjoying the moments....

To think you're still having 99 degrees... well that is almost unimaginable around here. I totally agree.. curling up with a hot drink wouldn't seem right.

Hope it settles into something more seasonable soon for you!

becka said...

I'm praying things will cool down soon and that you will get your re-imbursement from the insurance company so you can get everything working around the house once again.
When we lived in MI we did not have air-conditioning and would put ice cubes in the cat's water bowl. She enjoyed playing with them--I guess she thought they might be some kind of cool fish. :)

Mrs.Rabe said...

Tim tells me it is going to heat up here. We have had beautiful weather - very unusual for late August/early September. In fact the last two years at the local fair at the end of September, we have had such hot days we have had to use umbrella's to shade us or we will be burnt to a crisp!
I am thinking that is not going to happen this year.

Sorry you are having such terrible heat still. And no A/C....


Living In Williamsburg Virginia said...

Pumpkin spice lattes sound good but it just doesn't feel like fall yet. Give it a month or tow.

Darryl and Ruth :)

Vee said...

Still without AC? Ugh. I have mine on right now because of the humidity and not because of the heat. Three days without it was long enough so I can only imagine that particular discomfort of not having it for weeks.

Pumpkin spice's on my list this fall and all because of you. I did visit Starbucks last winter...also all because of you...and was quite disappointed so this will be a chance to redeem Starbucks or I never need to return. I'm thinking that might not be such a bad thing after all.

Churchill dishes that go well with Friendly Village. Must GoOgLe. I'm curious!