Monday, August 29, 2011

Too busy...

I am going to (finally) have my Tasha Tea Time tomorrow (Tuesday)... God willing and the creek don't rise.  How ironic it is that one of the things I admire most about Tasha is her choice of simplicity and I can't find the time to brew tea?

Just as life was getting a little calmer with our "new normal", my husband broke his collar bone and this opened an entire new normality as we had the unexpected trip to the VA Hospital and then unanticipated (but welcome) company when his brother came this weekend to help with our yard... small-ish house but big yard!

Today I had planned to spend an easy morning having coffee with a friend when an early morning cell phone call made it more complicated.  Christopher's roommate had to be taken to the ER last night after receiving an injury playing soccer. 

He accidentally left his keys in the car of the friend who took him to the hospital so he took Christopher's car this morning to work and school... which left Christopher needing a ride to his work this afternoon after his last class and a ride home from work.  Did you get all that?

So... after leaving the house at 9:00 this morning, I didn't arrive back home for good until after 5:00 and that was not in today's plan.  Hoping... really, really hoping... for a quiet day tomorrow.

Some have asked if we have our insurance settlement.  No, we haven't even received the next phone call in the process.  They said they were very far behind and I expect a hurricane was the last thing the insurance companies needed right now.  They did okay us to have the repairman come in to fix the gas line so we now have hot water and I can use our clothes dryer. 

We are still partly in the dark in some areas, especially the kitchen and are doing without the electronics which need to be replaced.  The delay has brought with it added expenses but we know the insurance company is at work.  I must admit having a desire now to follow Victoria under the bed when I hear thunder in the distance.  ;)

Thankfully, Stephanie and her family came through the hurricane with just two downed trees and a power outage.  They had prepared for the worst and had everything they needed to get by.  I am SO thankful for their safety.


Heather L. said...

very happy to hear that you have hot water now!!! And also glad to hear that Stephanie didn't sustain any more damage than the two trees.

Terra said...

Oh Brenda, you are having such a string of difficult events that it reminds me that boring is good. I hope you will have a great tea time and some quiet moments soon.
I posted a poem today that you might find soothing; I do.

Rebecca said...

I wanted to say, "When it rains, it pours"...but that is all TOO true, isn't it?

I'm sorry to hear of all your challenges. Wish I lived closer to do what I could to help.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

You should be able to have a quiet life, but perhaps not just yet! I'm sure it will come soon! You were really TOO BUSY today! But such good news about Stephanie and her family.

(There. Though I wanted to, I resisted ending every sentence with an exclamation point.)

Storybook Woods said...

Akk, I am sorry. You know TTD was full of a bunch of drama and problems. At first I thought how un-Tasha but then, I thought no. Actually Tasha had a lot in her life. She only started her work to pay bills. Life was hard at times for her but she still looked for the joy, the blessings. I think looking for blessings in times of trials is very Tasha. Clarice

freetobeme - Anita said...

I'm so thankful for Stephanie not having major damage. I've been behind as far as reading blogs so I've enjoyed 'catching up' but I'm not sure how to comment on each one. Just please know I so enjoy reading your blogs and feeling like a friend.