Friday, August 12, 2011

In the cool of the morning

Clearanced flowers from WalMart
I am finally at a point where I feel a little more in control (although almost afraid to say that in case one of the appliances hears what I have stated and blows a gasket).  It has been a difficult couple of months as the gotta do's of life clashed with the wanna don'ts of a low energy level.  As with most women, the list of things to do prevailed and I dropped into bed each night exhausted but with the knowledge more had been accomplished that day.

One thing about the challenge of sorting and packing and putting away and then creating afresh is that one can actually see their accomplishment each day.  Unlike the exhaustion which comes from raising hyperactive little boys in which it can take years to see the wonderful results of doing the same things and saying the same things and wondering if they will ever "get it"... now, of course, realizing he did.  :)

As I write, I am sitting at my makeshift desk in my new room, formerly Christopher's bedroom.  The morning air is unusually cool for this summer's constant heat waves but I am enjoying having the windows open as the sounds of the forest (as well as morning breezes) make their way into the room.  I will take pictures later today but I can tell you already... it is worth all the blood muscle aches, sweat, and tears.

A room to create and to think and to ponder and to write!  Not perfect by any means as I'm using the table from the deck (used to serve food buffet style on the 4th of July)... albeit covered with a vintage tablecloth.  Christopher's bookshelf with all of his books takes up a large section of wall but also reminds me of him.  The remainder of his stuff... all packed away in the closet of this room until he needs them someday.

But I am also now surrounded by favorite furniture and pictures and some of my books... the family room and living room appear almost Zen-like in their simplicity as items disappeared from their shelves and walls to make their way here.  My husband... who prefers almost nothing as decoration and has lived with my combination of English Country and American Primitive... is also happy.

Well, I should mention there continues to be fried electronics stacked in the living room and family room awaiting the settlement with our insurance company and a check to restore all that does not work and replace electronics.  We cannot get rid of the fried electronics until it is settled.  So we continue to live with limited lights and no hot water but one does get used to the new normal (especially with the knowledge it will all be set right someday).

I didn't mention that our air conditioner quit last week, which we were concerned about when the heat wave kept it going day and night (and we keep it as high as possible to conserve energy).  Since the problem is actually in the furnace fan, the guy who will be fixing our gas lines will fix it when the repair money arrives.  In the meantime, we are thankful for cooler (comparative) days.

I thought I'd share the above picture, which shows what the kitchen lights look like after the lightening strike.  They exploded over me!  How I thank God continually for His protection during the actual strike and the gas build up days later. 


Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Wow! That sure does look burned! Oh dear, I'm sure even though it's cooler it's not cool! I wish I lived by you as I have two window units you would have been welcome to use. We bought them two years when our ac unit went out. We finally just had to bite the bullet and get a whole new HVAC system. The old ac and heater wouldn't have made it through these above average hot summers and the winter we had last year!

matty said...

Wow! What a blessing you were covered by God's grace and power! That looks nasty!

What is it about having our Own Little Space that makes life so delicious? Virginia Woolf wrote that if a woman had a room of her own, she could accomplish myriads of things. Well, even with just a chair of my own, I finished all my degrees, made sweaters, quilts, wrote, dreamed, read, and so forth. But, now that I have a full Room Of My Own, I still find myself in my special chair! LOL Habit? Maybe... Or, perhaps that chair has all the magic that I need to create!

Enjoy your new space!

Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

Enjoyed your comment about being in your new office with the windows open and the morning coolness blowing in.

I love that time of day and that feeling!

Enjoy..... pray you continued grace...

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

That is one very scary picture, Brenda. You were surely protected! I would hate to think of what might have happened if that were not so.

I love the kind of transformation you describe in your own new room. I "inherited" my daughter Emily's room years ago and it is half computer room and half too filled with quilting fabric, books and works in progress. But I love it. There are some special pictures and things in it., and two large bookshelves Paul made for me, years ago. And sometimes I look around and wish it were the long ago days when it was Emily's room and all my children were here at home. But there definitely is a season for everything, and I know it is up to us to find the blessings of the season we are in.
I so hope you get your insurance settlement soon and it is satisfactory. I'm wondering if I should be picturing a hot water heater among the fried appliances in your living room!

freetobeme - Anita said...

Oh my. I remember storms in Iowa. That's why I'm still scared during a storm here in Michigan even though they aren't as bad. I'm so glad you're safe. Your light looks so bad. God is our Shelter.

Jane said...

How good that you can have "a room of your own" now, for study and writing! It's amazing how long it's taking for your insurance settlement, but so happy that you'll get one at some point. Most importantly, so thankful no one was injured!
Hang in there - cooler weather's on the way!

Mrs.Rabe said...

A room of your own! What a delight!

That light is bad...How thankful I am for God's protection of you all!


Anonymous said...

Wow that kitchen light looks bad! You are lucky you weren't hit by that lightning strike.
Your room sounds nice. I got a desk at the Goodwill store for eight dollars. Covered the scratched drawer fronts with pretty contact paper. Looks nice and it's much more solid than those flimsy (cardboard?) desks they sell nowadays.
Everyone knows Mother gets very annoyed if they put stuff on her desk :)

Melissa said...

Your flowers are very pretty (what a delight to find them at a bargain price).
So glad to hear that your "own room" is coming along, will be glad to see pictures of it soon. Praying that your insurance money comes in soon also.

Vee said...

Oh that photo is very telling. What an amazing thing to know beyond all shadow of doubt that you were protected in that moment.

Oh your room sounds so wonderful...a place just for you and your treasures. Your husband will be happier to have a pared down experience and you will be in the cradle of all that you hold dear. A win-win!

Here's hoping for that check to show up soon!

Jedidja said...

O, God was with you!
I like your your blog and I ám a follower now.

Storybook Woods said...

Wow, you have been through so much. I am glad you sre setting up a space for you. That will help and spark creativity. Clarice