Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Scenes from the 4th of July

You can see the "Furry One" looking out the door.  :)
We had friends over for dinner Sunday afternoon and then a big 4th of July party for Christopher's friends on Monday.  Which meant days of preparation (mostly for the party) but it was all worth it.  We had a lovely time together on Sunday and the deck party on the 4th was enjoyed by all.

Most of my days were spent in the kitchen baking, cooking, and doing so many loads of dishes that my hands turned to prunes.  Okay, they just got all pruney... Word Check tells me there is no such word but I can assure you that they are pruney.

The guys did all the heavy duty deck cleaning, Miss M. started the decorations, and then I brought out a lot of my Americana accessories from the family room.

Here are some more pictures...

That's Stephanie's vintage fan that I have borrowed and yes... those are Coke bottles holding flags.

I bought the two plastic plates on clearance at Tuesday Morning last year.  The flag "fans" were purchased on clearance a few years ago... Wal Mart I think..

We were blessed with a rain free day.  It was hot but much less heat than earlier in the week.  Just minutes after these pictures were taken, the deck became crowded with hungry people!

Now... I plan to rest for two or three or four days.  ;)


Terra said...

That looks like a perfect deck party.

Vee said...

(Oh that small round table looks like what I need for my deck instead of the larger one that simply doesn't fit. I think I saw one similar at Wally World with the chairs I see there.)

You made everything very special for the 4th of July. It looks like the kind of party anyone would enjoy.

Hope that you get the rest you need over the next few days. Lots of cooking and much hosting wear a person out while at the same time making things so much fun.

Mrs. V. said...

It all looks lovely. It is always fun playing hostess, but you are right ~ we may need a few days of rest afterwards!

freetobeme - Anita said...

Oh, I wish I could have crashed the party...!!!

Anonymous said...

Makes me tired just thinking of all that work!! But I am sure it was a fun party too...and if everyone helps, things go easier, huh? You have earned a good rest!!

My days have been spent helping daughter move and getting stuff needed for her...shopping more than usual...but we have couponed quite a bit and it is fun hunting for things...just wish we had a bit cooler weather!!
Elizabeth in NC

Mrs.Rabe said...

How great! Your decorations looked really good, too!


Connie said...

The have a lovely place to entertain your friends and family.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Looks great! And the weather cooperated too!

Anonymous said...

looks very lovely :)

young-eclectic-encounters said...

What a lot of preparation you deserve to rest- but I'm sure it was well worth the effort your deck looked spendid
Johnina :^A

Bess said...

You have a lovely home, Brenda, and your deck looks so inviting! Bess