Friday, June 24, 2011

How a comment leads to a fond memory

Sally and me (my coat looks like a tent and I was sick but I will share this picture anyway!!!)
I love meeting people through Coffee Tea Books and Me.  Most I won't meet in person (this side of Glory) but some I've been able to meet... even in passing.

Hey, Mom... hurry up
I was so glad to see a comment on yesterday's post from Irina.  We met when Stephanie and I went to a conference where our friend Sally Clarkson was speaking in Connecticut (not far from Steph's place). I've thought of Irina quite often, wondered how she was doing.  I can't believe that has now been over a year and a half.

One of the funniest and most magical events happened that weekend.  Stephanie had been hard at work getting her (former) house ready to become a B&B for us and the Clarkson family.  She always makes visiting her home special.

A friend knew she was going to the conference and mentioned she didn't know why Steph was working so hard, that it wasn't like she was having Sally Clarkson or Elizabeth George actually at her house... hehehe.  I think that was when she found out Sally was one of her friend's all time favorite authors.

Well, Stephanie was telling Sally about it and they both thought it would be fun to meet her friend, especially since she had wanted to go to the conference but it was sold out when she tried to get a ticket.  Although Sally did think it would be better to call first, Stephanie wanted it to be a surprise.

So, Stephanie, Sally, Elisabeth (who was then around age 7), and moi' all found ourselves driving through the quintessential New England town to surprise Stephanie's friend... who happens to have a house full of boys and had just finished dinner.

It truly was a moment to remember and I think enough time has passed that she has forgiven us for not calling first so she could quickly clean up her house a bit (although it looked fine to me). Sally has long been one of my favorite authors but to me she has become just "Sally"... my sweet and talented friend.  But it was still just too funny to see the look on the face of Stephanie's friend when Sally walked in her kitchen.  :)

Now... for the magical part... the leaves had all turned their glorious autumn colors and the town is beautifully quaint, like a Currier & Ives painting... in itself breathtaking.  Then it started to snow... a soft snow... an October snow.  Snow falling on the leaves of rust and gold and red and orange.  It honestly glittered as the street lamps began to glow.

We all agreed it was as if we were inside a snow globe.  I thought it felt we were in Narnia.

Stephanie, Faith, Joel Clarkson, Sally Clarkson

Sarah Clarkson, Hubby, Clay Clarkson
We returned to Stephanie's Bed & Breakfast house and while everyone else watched Bleak House, Sally and I chatted at the kitchen table.  We were all exhausted from a busy weekend.  Sally and Clay had not only been busy with the conference but they were getting by with very little sleep (partly due to a last minute appearance on Fox and Friends in New York).

Traveling is always difficult for me and I was also battling the start of that infection that would later send me to the emergency room twice last year.  However...

Life is never really perfect but often good and that weekend will always be among my fondest memories... all sparked by one blog friend's comment.  :)

Note:  Pictures taken in Autumn, 2009.  I don't know where my son-in-law was at the time, just noticed he was missing!  Probably keeping the other children out of trouble?


Vee said...

There are memories that sustain us and fill us with joy long after the moment has passed. I suspect that this is one of them. What a fun time for you (even if you were sick and I must say that you look so happy and content that I'd not know looking at your countenance).

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I didn't realize I was so sick at the time but the infection was already taking hold.

I thought I was just very fatigued from the trip.

Irina said...

Aww, Brenda, I'm glad you remember who I am. I'm sure that was such a whirlwind trip for you guys with so many new memories made of meeting Sally and spending time with Stephanie's.

I've been around - I read your blog very faithfully and love it, just don't get around to commenting very much :) I have two little ones keeping me busy (and I'm homeschooling them) as well as a third one on the way due in early September :)