Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Cheryl, bad sinuses

Congratulations to my long time bloggy friend, Cheryl (aka: Copperswife).  She's been telling us something new was up but I don't think any of us suspected a brand new blog site!  It is beautiful and so well put together. 

Cheryl not only blogs about homeschooling and homemaking but she has written some of the best advice about putting together a home library that I've read.

The brat beautiful friend told me a couple weeks ago that link wasn't working right and she was fixing it when I tried to link to the article.  Of course, it didn't work because she was working on her beautiful new Internet home. 

I know many of you already visit Copperswife but if you haven't, the link to her new blog site is... here.

The Heritage Library link is... here.   It is about the whys and wherefores of having our own home library.

As for the sinus issues... it is a very good thing I put dinner in the Crock Pot this morning.  This cold, damp weather has me literally under the weather.  I fell asleep at 1:30 and woke up at 3:30 only because the doorbell was ringing!  This plunge from hot to cold really gets to me. 

But it is the Midwest and it will change to heat again soon.  Of course it only got so cold again because most of us were tricked by the long range forecast into planting our tomatoes!

Blog posts for the next few days (God willing and the creek don't rise... or freeze) will be about homechooling.  Then next week I'll be asking for book and author recommendation LISTS.  If you want to offer recommendations and add prose, you can start e-mailing me at any time.  I just put in a new printer cartridge. 

Recommendations in Comments will be "list only" so it will be easy for me to go through them and get them to you quickly.

(((HUGS))) back to the sofa... oh, my head.  I'm moving to Aruba.


Vee said...

We were down and out about the same time, Brenda. I was so chilled that I could not get warm. I lay on the sofa with the heater blowing on my frozen feet and they still didn't warm up. Crazy, crazy weather. I'm putting my echinacea back in action.

Off to follow your links...

Feel better!

matty said...

Feel better soon! Are you washing your sinuses with a neti pot? I declare, that works wonders!

Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

Thanks for the kind words and the links to my site. It was so hard not to spill the beans about the new site to you and a couple of other bloggy gal pals, but we did enjoy the secrecy and the silly hints.

I hope you get to feeling better soon, Brenda. It's no fun being sick.

The weather here in "sunny" California, has been anything but sunny. It's poured rain most of the day and there's a fire going in my wood stove. More like early March than mid-May!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried out the xylitol based nose spray?? Sure has helped us. Also nothing beats some good old organic homemade cook half a day chicken soup!! With LOTS of garlic and Broccoli (the best punch I know comes from at least those 2 items being in it!) Also, we take garlic pills every day...usually twice a day. Sure has helped me not catch things so much. Cheap from Walmart. And does not make the breath smell either.

Weather changes are hard on animals and people too. We are in the midst of cold again too...for here. But being we are usually burnt to a crisp already in May, I am NOT complaining!! I can put on more clothes!! And happily so!!

Blessings, Elizabeth in NC

Anonymous said...

It's in the igh 50's and raining here-it's supposed to rain all week! My tomatoes are snug under milk jug cloches though. Hope you feel better.

D in NY

Florence said...

We too are having temperature swings. Hot for a week; cool for a week. But here on the Texas Gulf Coast, we are enjoying the unusually cool temps before the long summer heat and humidity moves in.
Hope you feel better soon!!