Saturday, May 14, 2011


I'm not quitting blogging!  The e-mail that was resent to those who receive the blog posts through e-mail subscription was from weeks ago when I was so frustrated with comments. 

No... that is behind me and I have calmed down since then.  I don't usually let myself get so frustrated with snarky comments but the two times I almost decided to quit blogging (the other a couple years ago) was when I felt the comment/s were attacking me as a person instead of my ideas.  :)

Hey... you can disagree with ideas all you want!

Poor Blogger... I'm surprised it works as good as it does most of the time.  Christopher is studying to be a computer scientist and I remember the fall semester project when a group of them were going over their code with a fine tooth comb and could not figure out what was causing the problem.  He ended up having a friend not taking the class look through it and he was able to spot their trouble... one line in the middle of hundreds of line of code caused it not to work properly!

Speaking of said student... he pulled off four A's and one C+ this semester.  The C+ being in Statistics which is a little embarrassing with a Quality Assurance Engineer dad (who used to live and breath statistics) and a brother-in-law with a PhD in statistics.

The Stat class suffered when he had three finals in twenty-four hours, two of which were in his core curriculum which he had to do well in to keep any chance of scholarships... the Stat class notes received a brief perusal or otherwise he would get a B!


Vee said...

Stats classes are best taken in summer with no other classload. That's just my opinion. ;> Those grades are still very impressive.

Oh I would hate looking for the code that wasn't properly written. It boggles the mind even thinking about that. Good idea Christopher had to ask someone with really fresh eyes to have a go.

Have a good weekend, Brenda.

Terra said...

I think you can be very proud of your scholar, and glad to see you blogging as I enjoy visiting you here and on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Tis a rare person who excells in EVERY class...those are great grades for your son!! Taking hard classes alone in summer is a great idea too, by the way. One thing that amazed me in college was finding that the profs who taught the 1 credit classes expected as much or sometimes MORE work from us as the 3 credit classes!! Well, life is for learning eh?

Elizabeth in NC

Anonymous said...

Tell Chris not to feel bad about the statistics course. That is a notoriously hard course and he did well to pass it even with a C+.