Friday, April 15, 2011

Tweaking the top of the buffet

Click on picture once to enlarge, twice to get a really good view...
Thank you so much for your kindness with comments, e-mails, and promises of prayer.  I will put unkind comments behind me and move on... writing from the heart instead of second guessing what people may read into what I'm writing.  I'm certain subconsciously I will still do that for awhile.

I read an article by a well known ministry leader recently who talked about criticism in the age of technology... how easy it is for anonymous sources to leave instant criticism that remains permanently in our minds (and others).

I took the above picture before the memory card broke.  One of my favorite ways to redecorate is to move objects around (and it is free!).  The top of the buffet needed a little something so I took the small cake stand out of the corner cabinet where it was holding a teapot and hoped it was big enough to set the little tea service on it... it was!  I think that is the sweetest teapot, creamer, and sugar bowl... a Goodwill find a couple years ago.

That buffet was an answer to prayer, some may remember when my husband brought it back from his hometown when his sister moved to a smaller apartment.  It provided both needed storage space and a place to play with seasonal vignettes.

The silk lavender was found at a garage sale when Stephanie visited two (or three?) years ago.  We happened upon a neighborhood garage sale on our way "into town" and both of us found lots and lots of wonderful items really cheap.  The lavender had been tied together to look more formal but I fluffed it up a bit.

The pink silk flowers spent the winter on my bedroom closet shelves, waiting patiently to be pulled out and admired again in spring.  Silk flowers are one of those items that cost a great deal retail but are readily available at garage sales and thrift stores in my area.  Don't they look a lot better than the old plastic flowers of my mother's generation?

The lavender azalea plant in my backyard is blooming, I wish I could take a picture for you.  I clipped some stems to put on my dining table and in the little bottles on my window kitchen sill.  The young homemaker who owned this house before us loved the color lavender (so do I).  :)


Lisa said...

Those are such beautiful tea things!

Cheryl said...

Oh my...I have not checked in for the past few days as I have been busy with birthday celebrating (my "miracle" baby turned 10!) I return to see all of the hullaballoo about comments and "asking for pity" and so on and so on.
Brenda, you are probably tired of reading comments, yay and nay, but I feel compelled to say that I am inspired by your ability to make ends meet...and to do it cheerfully...and by the provisions of our Heavenly Father. Although we are living more comfortably now, we went through many very lean years. A blog like yours would have been a breath of fresh air during that time. Nevertheless, I think that your words, your story, your musings, are encouraging to most of your readers, regardless of current income or position.

Okay, I got that off my chest. ;-) Now I can say that your tea display is quite lovely!

Jane said...

Brenda, I want to say that I love your blog! We've been through tough times in the past & may again - who knows? - so I can relate and appreciate your writings. I enjoy your tips and ideas, but if I didn't it's easy enough to stop reading. I think the "critic/s" must be very young and very inexperienced, so they simply don't understand. Please stay the course!

Anyway, I think your buffet arrangement is simply gorgeous -- those teacups! and the violet tea service - oh, my! I can't believe anyone could part with something that beautiful! If I can ever get my house organized and decluttered, I'm heading to GW & other thrifts!!!
p.s. I sometimes buy books from Amazon, though I try to patronize local businesses, so next time I'll see how your gateway works :)

Scrappy quilter said...

I love the tweak you've done with your buffet. Hugs

Vee said...

Oh I'm sorry that you memory card isn't working. This is such a beautiful time of year to capture your yard and all its blossoms. The buffet looks beautiful with all of your tea cups and, yes, the artificial flowers of today are so much nicer than those old plastic things. My grandmother even had plastic curtains!

Mel said...


Sharon Lovejoy said...

Brenda dear, I DO love the image of your grandson going outside to sketch the birds. HURRAH! Oddly, I've found that more little boys are birdwatchers than are girls. Why? I wonder.

Thanks for your words of encouragement.

All joys to you and your young naturalist,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Anonymous said...

Yes, redoing our homes without hitting the stores is both practical and fun! :) Since all we have in our home are things we love why not reshuffle them and look at them a new way! You are so right! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. Sarah

Grammee Linda - Behind My Red Door said...

My mom collected tea cups and your photo reminds me of something she would have set on her sideboard. She would love this!

I am sorry someone is questioning your intentions. I hope that you don't let it discourage you. I am sure you inspire many others on very limited incomes. Keep on doing what you do so well!!


Anonymous said...

My son's family used to live in Nevada where rain was somewhat scarce and therefore yards were often without lawn, but instead a pretty series of other plants and flowers. I was so taken by the homes that used different colors of rocks and all kinds of shades of purple and lavender was simply stupendous!!

Blessings, Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda -- just checking in with you after my blogging sabbatical -- sort of -- Love lavender. I would like to have a bedroom in that color. I have a picture saved from several years ago with lavender walls and bed cover with white, a touch of green, and walnut floors and furniture. Beautiful! Lovely collection of tea cups. Glad to 'see' you again.