Monday, April 18, 2011

For the love of Victoria

Victoria watching Wild America
This picture was taken a little over a week ago.  She loves the TV show Wild America and I actually remembered it was about to come on that Saturday.   I turned on the old Sony and set it to that channel where the show was to start... and curled up on the sofa with the camera.

Look at those BIRDS!
Are you laughing at moi'?
One of our dear friends lives in the desert in New Mexico... so what does that have to do with Victoria and the TV.  Well, stay with me and I'll get there.  We used to chat on the phone about our delightful pets... me with Sasha and Storm and Kathy with her multiple cats, dogs, cow, horse, and many "off again-on again" menagerie.  (She really does live out in the boonies in the desert of New Mexico.  You couldn't pay me to live anywhere where one has to watch for rattlesnakes when walking in the yard... shudder.)

Almost every time we would communicate, she would talk about our animals being "cheap entertainment".  Although I think our cats were cheaper than her livestock. One year we were doing well financially and they were in a season of lack, we were thrilled to offer to pay a veterinarian's bill to save her beloved kitty... whom we called Pudge the Pirate because he had to wear a patch over one eye.

Pudge was especially dear to this household as our Storm had a long distance "thing" for Pudge the Pirate... no kidding.  We never figured out how she did it but often when I was talking to Kathy and mentioned Pudge, Storm would come running and put her face up to the phone and meow!

Pudge and most of Kathy's other kitties, her dog, and even her pet cow... as well as our Sasha and Storm... all have passed on but the good memories are all there.  Even now we'll laugh about something one of our animals had done when they were with us.

Now my friend enjoys hearing about the new kitty on the block and how the Maine Coon is more entertaining alone than the former two sisters were together.   Victoria is presently sitting in her favorite spot, looking out the window of the door leading to the deck where she can view the cardinals nest in the distance as well as a variety of birds, squirrels, and even a chipmunk or two meandering across the deck.

My husband says she reminds him of me watching cooking shows.  Hmmm... I'll have to put some thought into that... or maybe not.

Added note:  I actually went through and changed some words (like the fact I sat on the sofa and not the TV) but for some reason, those changes didn't save!


joyce said...

I just looooovvve your Victoria, Brenda. She has such personality! My daughter has a dog who bark ferociously and actually charges the television screen when cats, dogs, or other animals are featured. Some pet food/product commericals depict big, close-up images, and the dog, Pavlov, goes wild! It's so funny to watch.

I always enjoy stories about Victoria! She's a special kitty girl.

Vee said...

Pets enrich us, I firmly believe this. Victoria is a lovely lady and that she enjoys Wild America is so cute. I see that you must enjoy it as well if you're curling up on the tv with your camera. How do you do that? ☺

Terra said...

Your cat is so clever to have her own favorite tv show to watch, and how good you paid for your friend's cat's vet bill, esp. since Victoria and Pudge are long distance friends.

Brenda Leyland said...

It's always fun to chat about our treasured pets. Your Victoria is so beautiful. It's cute to think she, too, has her favorite TV show.

Suze said...

I have a Maine Coon also - a male. He is also personality personified. He always has to carry around a "stuffie" or small stuffed toy. I put them back in the basket - he takes them out again. It's so cute to see him carrying them around.

Bess at Fixing My Thoughts said...

Victoria is such a cutie! Once in a rare while one of our cats will watch TV for a moment, but they don't seem too interested. I think it's precious that Victoria has chosen Wild America! Bess

Anonymous said...

My computer has a mind of its own too! I have heard "experts" say animals do not know other animals are on tv cause they can't smell them etc. I say why don't you actually Watch animals and See them Watch and Interact with the tv! They need to get out in the Real world!! LOL Thank you for sharing your Victoria with us again. Sarah

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

She's such a darling! I'm very allergic to cats, my eyes swell shut in about 24 hours around one, but our dogs have given us years of pleasure. He doesn't quite get tv, but sometimes when dogs are on, especially if there are the noises of real dogs he'll walk up to the tv and stare at it intensely. But I think with some confusion.

La Tea Dah said...

Isn't that the cutest thing! Victoria is a very smart cat!

Mrs.Rabe said...

We need to get a cat or two around here! We have dogs, my girls are the owners of them, but a kitty or two would be sweet! Plus we could use them to keep down the mouse population in our barn.

Love Miss Victoria - what a fun cat.