Saturday, March 26, 2011

A little more about the song

Thank you for your well wishes!  I'm feeling a little stronger each day.  The decision to immediately put me on ten days of "the big guns" (Cipro) so far has kept me from any hospital stays this year!  That is a very good thing.

I did a little research and the Carrie Newcomer song I posted yesterday can be found on her The Gathering of Spirits CD from 2002... hereHoly As a Day is Spent is available there as an individual download, too.

This particular song made me think of One Thousand Gifts, too.


Vee said...

Oh thanks! I'm going to go have a listen. Cipro is what my daughter is on. Does it knock the stuffing out of you?

Terra said...

Ha on me. I wrote Vee, and I meant to write Brenda, on my comment here.

Anonymous said...

I do hope you feel MUCH better soon!

D in NY