Monday, March 28, 2011

It's okay to look good

Thank you so much for your prayers, e-mails, etc. (I am weeks and weeks behind on responding to e-mails).  So far the very strong antibiotics have kept me from further infections but they leave me worn out and nauseous all day long.  I think it was Vee that asked but... YES... Cipro always knocks me out.

I am trying to catch up on laundry, put meals on the table, and I even baked a cake this afternoon.  It was made with a yellow cake mix but after it cools, I will whip up a homemade chocolate buttercream frosting... no one will care that the cake was not made from scratch with that frosting topping it!  ;)

I enjoyed reading the post Stephanie wrote last week about what she's learned about putting together a wardrobe efficiently and frugally.  I recall a few years ago when money was very tight and she felt guilty about spending anything on her own clothing with growing children at home. 

I reminded her that (whether we like it or not), the world judges us on appearance and with her husband's career responsibilities and the leadership roles they have at church... it is essential to have at least a few good outfits for those times when mommy jeans and a pullover were not enough... although a necessary daily uniform for a homeschooling mom to five... unless you are a jean skirt kinda' lady.  In the summer, I LIVE in jean skirts and short sleeve tops.

I remembered my mother telling me stories of when she was a widow with seven children (before meeting my father), their clothes were threadbare but always clean and ironed.  I never saw Mom leave the house not looking put together even though she never had a large wardrobe (although I'm sure when she was poor and had seven kids at home... she was NOT put together).

Like so many women of her generation, she also had her "hair done" once a week when I was growing up... those were the years when a woman's hairdresser was a member of the family.  When Mom passed away, the man who owned the hair salon where she'd had her hair done since the 1970's asked to do her hair one last time... even though at eighty-five, it was fine and wispy.  :)

Do you ever watch the old movies and come away amazed at the way people dressed then compared to now?  I was recently watching the original Where the Boys Are and had to smile at how "dressed up" the college girls were in 1960!  Another favorite older movie is Three Coins In a Fountain... once again the ladies were beautifully dressed with simple dresses and suits.

Old movies remind me that when I was growing up, one always dressed up if they were going out for an evening... traveling on a plane or train... going to church or a concert or a party at the neighbors... or even meeting the ladies for lunch.  I don't mean glitz and glitter dress up such as for the symphony but a pretty dress, or skirt with blouse and matching sweater, or a pair of nice slacks with a soft pullover.  Sigh...

What am I wearing as I type?  Ummm... sweats and an oversize cable knit sweater... but I'm still spending part of my day on the sofa.  Really.  Honest.

Anyway... Stephanie really is doing a good job at putting together a wardrobe on a budget.  Like me, she also LOVES finding clothes at thrift stores!  But I think the last time she was able to shop a thrift store was when Sarah Clarkson and I were with her and could help keep an eye on the children.  ;)

Stephanie's post can be found... here


matty said...

What a good post. I have been thinking lately about how I dress and how I need to change it to be more .... neat....feminine.

I can tell who my good students are by how they dress. The more focused ones seems to dress more "professionally" like school is their job. I like that!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie's post had some great suggestions. I would add one more item for a working wardrobe- a matching vest. It 'pulls an outfit together' and the extra pockets are so handy.

The fashions in the old movies and TV shows were elegant but even then, most women didn't dress up that fancy.They didn't have MGM's wardrobe budget for one thing!

Shan said...

Dearest Brenda,

I remember that my little sister and I wore white gloves and dresses when we took a plane ride back in the 60's, I was 8 and she was 6.

My Mother and Grandmother were both hairdressers...they ALWAYS looked lovely and carried themselves with grace and charm. They also went to the funeral home to fix their client's hair "one last time".

I agree with you and matter how thin your pocketbook, you should take the time to look your best. If nothing else it makes you feel better and brightens your day.

I hope you regain your strength soon and I am praying for you each day.

Yours so kindredly,
Honey Hill Farm

Kara said...

Thank you for your posts...will pray the meds kick in quickly and you are feeling better soon.
Thank you for writing even when you're not feeling well.

Catherine said...

Yes, a great post!

My grandmother always shopped wearing a suit, pearls, gloves, high heels, a hat, matching purse with a clean hankie tucked inside. Her hair was also done once a week. She always told my sister and I (still young girls) we were such messes that we would never keep the seams straight on our stockings! Thank goodness for panty hose!

I pray you are feeling better soon.


Vee said...

Sometimes I'll get after my beloved to dress up a bit when we go out for any reason. Then I look at myself and am aghast. I really need some updating and stat. It is important to have some decent clothes and it makes us feel human. Good topic.

(My daughter has joined you in the "wiped out" from Cipro phase. She keeps saying, "I'm so tired." I keep saying "just a few more days.")

Mrs.Rabe said...

I read Stephanie's post yesterday! It is good.

I am sometimes shocked by what I see people wear out in public. I remember when people dressed to go out in public, now it seems that some just roll out of bed and out the door!

I must be getting old, but I think it is a matter of good manners, modesty, and care for others that we brush our hair, put a bit of make up on (mineral powder all the way!) and a decent skirt, dress or pants.

Thanks for this post today! Thankful you are continuing to get well....

jAne said...

loved your post as well as your daughter's. i tend to wear the same clothes, day after day, wash and wear. the colors include black, white and blue. mix and match. i like the simplicity it affords. i'm not a clothes horse so simple is best for me.

i read somewhere that we wear 10% of what's in our closet. hm. if that be true, then i should be filling bags and taking it to the local thrifty for donation! might be a good idea. :o)


Anonymous said...

Until into the middle 70s I and my friends would never think of going to town in slacks of any kind. It was always dresses or skirts and hose and usually short heels. Sometimes now I have to check myself to make sure I am watching how I dress so as to be an example to the younger girls to keep things neat and clean and if needed ironed at the very least. I am back to watching more closely more things about my dress lately. Sharpening up things and watching styles etc. I wish I had never slacked off. Sarah

Martina said...

I love the picture! I want to be there!
Hope you are feeling better very soon!
Blessings, Martina