Thursday, March 31, 2011

A day in spring...

As I write this morning, the temperatures are in the 20's!  Brrrr... looking forward to a real warm up.

Miss M. came to dinner last night.  I made macaroni and cheese early in the afternoon so most of the dishes could be washed and put away before she arrived.  All I had to do was pop the casserole dish in the oven along with smoked sausage (which baked in a separate dish) and add a couple side veggies.  Wallah!  It took me all of five minutes to do the dishes while she and Christopher drove to the gas station at the end of the county road to rent a Redbox movie.  :)

I also explored our back yard yesterday afternoon, hoping the early daffodils were in bloom even though they hadn't in the front yard.  Sure enough... there was a nice handful of blooms growing close to the house beside the deck.  I think they get a little more warmth from the morning sunshine there and reward us with earlier blossoms.  It was nice to have some pretty flowers to look at while cooking and doing dishes.

I'm also doing some spring cleaning "a little at a time".  Yesterday I gave the pine dining table a good scrubbing and then when it dried, a nice massage of wood paste.  It will receive a second massage in a few days.   Each day I will anoint one or to pieces of our good furniture with lemon oil or wood paste... an often overlooked household duty these days.  However, I'm married to a man with a graduate degree in wood science and furniture engineering so it has been drilled into me over the years to make this a regular part of my spring and fall cleaning.  I leave any gluing and repairs to him. 

The display on the buffet (above) was tweaked to make it look more spring-like.  The teapot and teacups provide a pretty indoor garden, don't they?  There is a reason I adore "tea things".  How can you not smile when you look at them?

Just one or two more days on Cipro!  Poor Stephanie... after Faith was diagnosed with strep throat, her entire family is on antibiotics.  Her doctor told her if they had a dog, he'd put it on antibiotics as a precaution.  They are all ready for this harsh New England winter to be in the rear view mirror but I noticed this morning the forecast is for snow in that part of the country (we even have a little in our forecast).  At least we know real spring weather will be here soon.  In the meantime, I'm enjoying pictures of green grass and blooms on southern blogs.  :)


Vee said...

Your daffodils are cheery and bright. Glad that you were able to find some to bless your table with. Hmmm...I don't always do that furniture care that you speak of. Once a friend suggested some sort of special oil for a very dry piece, but I can't remember. Perhaps your husband does???

Yes, snow arriving again overnight and all day tomorrow and into Saturday. Feet of heavy wet snow. Ugh.

Stephanie and her family have my prayers and sympathies. Though it is good to have a doctor who'll do what hers did. So often, doctors will allow everyone in the family to get sick, which I think is ridiculous. Yay for a good-sense doc.

Have a happy day puttering about...

jAne said...

could you share your process of cleaning wood? what type wood paste do you recommend? i have a some fine pieces of wood furniture, a few of which are quite old, and would appreciate info on how to best care for them. thanks!


Mrs.Rabe said...

The Daffodils are so cheery! Spring is here...just moving slowly! I love the Robins in the grass, listening for worms...

I agree about tea things making one smile - I love my tea things!

Glad you are on the mend!

postmodernMom said...

What did the message to the table say???

Sorry...couldn't resist! ;) At least you can blame it on the Cipro!


Ann said...

I remember those cold spring days in New England when I so longed for spring to be sprung. Now I'm in Lake Havasu and we're hitting 90 degress today! I like that better. Blessings, Ann

jules said...

I'm with jAne, please share your wood cleaning. I have a few pieces that need cleaning pretty badly.

Thank you so much!

matty said...

Good afternoon, dear friend! Glad you are on the mend. We, too, have snow -- itty bitty stuff -- dashing through the air. Enough already!

Sending more good thoughts your way and to the NE folks!

Do you think spring cleaning will bring spring? If so, I am on it!

Enjoy this lovely day!

Thoughts for the day said...

Can you share your macaroni and cheese recipe? I am always looking for a good homemade recipe. Your tea set looks lovely.