Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Favorite places I've visited lately... links

Okay, we've been through this before when my ponder has piddled out.  Or perhaps my brain is on chocolate overload from Valentine's Day... no, that is impossible.  Broccoli overload, spinach overload, brussels sprout overload... but never too much chocolate.

I have had a few tabs up for a week now, places I've wanted to share.  Finally I'm getting around to giving you the links to these articles.  I'm still a tad under the weather... just getting tired easily but daily improving.

The first link is for the most recent post by my daughter.  I'm hoping she gets to write more as baby Anna gets older (but just as cute as ever).  She's trying a different homeschool path which is leading her to ponder the subject of making lists... here.  Added:  Within these lists, she is giving information about the food they eat for the Feingold diet.

Chuck Colson's Breakpoint (short radio program) was recently about The Romance of Domesticity; Taking Joy in the Ordinary.  It was so good!  You can read it... here.  His Breakpoint programs have also been about classic books, as well as the expected ponderings about the culture. 

C. J. Mahaney writes about why we should Keep Reading even if we only remember a small part of what we read... here.   In this short article, he also shares a John Piper quote about reading that I've appreciated for a long time.

I have recently been reading The Amish Cook's Anniversary Book; 20 Years of Food, Family, and Faith, which contains representative columns by Lovina and her mother in the twenty years of writing their newspaper column.   I'll write more about the Anniversary book at the end of the month but you can read Lovina's columns... here.  You do have to sign up to read the columns but it is free.*

We've had enough of a warm up that we can pull the car all the way into the driveway without getting stuck.  You still can't see the sidewalk to the porch and the walk to the mailbox is a combination of ice and mud.  But it's all looking better than last week this time!

*This website is temporarily having "issues".  It's a great source of not only the Amish Cook column but recipes.  Try back!


Scrappy quilter said...

Thanks for those links. I have to agree about continuing to read. I hope books are always around. Hugs

hmsclmom said...

Funny you should mention the Amish cookbook...I am also reading it right now. :) Loving it!

Susan said...

I'm glad your snow is melting, and I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the links; I enjoyed them!

Fixing My Thoughts said...

Thanks Brenda! I'll come back to this post to read the articles when I have a bit more time! I learn so much from the recommendations of others. Bess

Heather said...

YaY for new links to check out! Thank you for sharing.

Monique Elisabeth said...

Thank you so much for the lovely links. Have a wonderful day.

Greetings from The Netherlands

Jayne said...

Wow, thank you Brenda for these links. Its funny isn't it, we find things online and assume everybody knows about them, but we need to share the helpful things we find. I try to do that from time to time on my blog too. I've bookmarked them and will now enjoy them over a cup of tea.