Monday, January 10, 2011

The new normal, or deja vu all over again

I may have mentioned that Christopher moved home between semesters, dumping the contents from his room on campus to his room at home... literally... before taking off for his sister's house in New England.  I was nice to him and helped find homes for all of his clothing, his guitar, his tennis rackets, his books, and numerous other stuff (better his room than the rest of the house). 

I remember now what it was like having a male student in the house.  Two loads of laundry and two more to go are definite reminders.  Of course, the one incident of the day that says DEJA VU... waiting at the McDonald's for him to get out of class as I had borrowed his car to pick up insulin at the clinic (just slightly important!).  Some mother's will remember their son's time at college by football games... I will think of sipping coffee and reading and Ronald McDonald and sigh... remember the University Days?

It isn't that I have a special fondness for the place, it's just cheap and close to most of the buildings where he has classes.  There are nice coffee shops actually in campus buildings but they would require paying for parking... or parking blocks and blocks away and walking... neither I cared to do on a cold January day.  It is a big place with lots of students (40,000 plus), lots and lots of staff, and almost no parking.

It was good to borrow his car and complete all errands today, especially with another snowstorm on the way to the Midwest (it has been one of those winters).  I am looking forward to spending more quality time with The Fellowship of the Ring, while Gladys Taber's The Stillmeadow Road found its' way off my shelf and onto the coffeetable, along with Stephanie sending me Noel Piper's Faithful Women & Their Extraordinary God to finish reading (and perhaps re-reading even again).

I had placed Chuck Swindoll's delightful little book, Perfect Trust, in my purse before heading out this morning... knowing I would eventually have waiting time.  It is small, so I finished it while out... an excellent little book about freedom from fear and trusting God.

One of my stops before ending up at McDonald's was to peruse books at Goodwill.  My... have the prices gone up at all Goodwill stores?  They went up fifty cents just on books, overnight!  I know it is not a lot for a hardback book but it is the principle of the thing... from $1.99 to $2.49.   I probably should be glad as it will help me not to buy more stuff.  However, I did come away with one book that met a culinary need right now. 

It is a Reader's Digest book called Secrets of Better Cooking and has really, really good information about the whys, wherefores, and how-to of cooking.  I especially liked their section on herbs and spices as well as their description of various veggies and how to cook them.  This is an excellent vintage... okay, I refuse to call a book published in the early 70's vintage... classic book about cooking.

Now, to actually read a book instead of writing about them... ;)


Heather L. said...

In Scotland, you can actually get good hot TEA at McDonalds!! Funny, isn't it?!

Goodwill book prices, especially for kids books, are just a bit too much, I think.

Vee said...

It does sound like old times...your waiting at McDonald's nursing a cup of coffee. I hope that it's a very happy arrangement having the boy home again. Stay cozy in this coming'll hit us Wednesday.

Fixing My Thoughts said...

Hi Brenda, I'm making note of the books you mention in this post. Always appreciate learning new titles from reading your blog. The one by Noel Piper sounds especially good to me. Enjoy having your son back home this semester! Bess

Anonymous said...

Here in my part of Florida hardback books at the Goodwill are over $3. Too much in my opinion.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Our library has a bookstore for used books, and the hardbacks are $2.00. It is a treat to be able to pick up a good book in hardback for that price. However I am picky about what I buy.


Vicki in UT said...

At the thrift store I frequent, paperbacks are sold for half the cover price--waay too much, IMHO. I gagged when the other thrift store that has cheaper books priced theirs for 75 cents to $1. It wasn't that long ago that they were 25 cents. So the price has tripled or quadrupled in a few short years. So I mostly stick to the library used book sales, where it is 25-50 cents for paperbacks and $2 for hardbacks, unless they have the $3 a bag or $5 a box prices at the end of the sale. Nothing like a box of new to you books.

moreofhim said...

How nice to have your son home again - even if it does mean more laundry again! LOL My sons are still home while going to college and I really feel blessed to have this time with them. Your coffee at McD's and a good book sound great, too!

Yes, Goodwill is getting higher. I really love going there, but like you, it will curb my purchases quite a bit. It all adds up!

God bless you - Julie

The Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Yes! My Goodwill has gone up. Unless the book is "the color of the day" and therefore discounted, they're usually around $3 for hardcover. Even children's books are $1.50! It's hard to find a good deal there these days. We're still snowed in! Day 2 no schools or malls are open due to the snow storm. When the malls close in Georgia you know weather is bad!


Heather said...

I love finding a good deal at Goodwill! I haven't been in a while, so I didn't know the prices had gone up. I love your book list! I may have to check out a few of those.

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Dear Brende,

YES! Prices have gone up by a third at some of my favorite places. It is disheartening that a paperback book that was 16.99 is 5.00 USED and tattered.

Sons returning home. Oh yikes, yes, what a mess. Stinky shoes, Mom I'm hungry, laundry, a room with a door that MUST remain closed.

Sending warm thoughts,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island