Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A little conversation

Blech... I think I'd rather have snow than this very cold, rainy, foggy day.  We're to return to snow by this evening so maybe this is just a day to teach me not to complain about slipping and sliding... at least snow is beautiful to look at... especially through the window when it accompanies blustery conditions.

I think all the "inside the house" organizing is finished, requiring constant vigilance to keep it looking good.  Some will be easy, those cabinets and drawers I rarely frequent.  Others such as my side of the closet require more thought and attention.  But now they all have "good bones" so to speak, making such vigilance quite a bit easier than before.

The garage has been receiving attention off and on as it relates to the inside projects.  I should work on it before the sub-zero weather hits this weekend.  You can place a bet in Las Vegas... should you be a betting type... I will not be in the garage in those temperatures.  I would say only an emergency load of laundry would get me out there.

One of the unexpected results of all this peeking into boxes and such has been to find long lost items as well as those I forgot I owned.  For instance, the missing cup to Grandmother's china as well as the coffee cups which match my wedding china were in a box in the garage which I thought only held items I was thinking of giving to Goodwill.

Oh, my... certainly glad I didn't give the box away without looking through it first!  All are now safely set onto their appropriate shelving and the remainder of the box on the "give to charity" table in the garage... no longer to sit in a kind of garage shelf purgatory where they are not remembered or appreciated.  Now I know where everything is... almost.

My reading has gone by the wayside as this overwhelming need to clean and organize has been taken advantage of, one should never let such feelings and leanings go wasted for once accomplished... sighs of relief and a slight hearing of the Hallelujah chorus in the background.  Life is almost ready for that time in which the lawn and garden will begin making demands... almost... not quite... more cozy reading days ahead.

How I wish I could respond to all comments.  I can do better once the garage has been organized.  I can respond about books, the Elizabeth Edwards book sounds very interesting.  I expect my library has it.  D., YES... write me at coffeeteabooksandme@hotmail.com.  :)

I was very surprised to see The Farm Chick's Christmas book on the New Nonfiction shelf.   I loved the cookbook but wasn't sure I'd like a book all about Christmas, especially since I had read it has few recipes.  However, it is a lovely book with great crafting ideas and lots of vintage decorating pictures.  I have it another week to peruse a few times.  Highly recommended for those who love to do Christmas crafting for home and gifts.

I'm continuing through Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God, although I won't try to read all of the chapters in this sitting.  I'll save some for later, perhaps putting it in my purse for my "waiting at McDonald's reading" and such.  After reading the chapter about Sarah Edwards again, I have definitely added Marriage to a Difficult Man to my "purchase someday" list.  I think I mentioned that a desire this year is to learn more about Johnathan Edwards and the affect his ministry had on pre-Revolutionary War America.  Anyway, 18th Century America is my favorite period of history to study.

I brought a couple tea books home from the library for quick perusal and once I have a little more uninterrupted time (that being what one is rewarded with when the children are grown)... I will immerse myself in The Lord of the Rings trilogy again.  That should be soon.  :)


Mary R. said...

That table arrangement looks nice. Blessings.

Marge said...

Minnesota is heading into the cellar these next three days promise minus twenty below where I live. Maybe forty below way up north. Whoa! That is too cold for humans! I, too, am doing some cleaning and sorting and purging, so will stay inside and keep warm!


Mrs.Rabe said...

I am working on organizing and decluttering our home, in between home educating our kids! Slow and steady - that is what I have learned from you!

jackie said...

i, too, am in a decluttering mode looking forward to, Lord willing, having the house sold soon. It is such a wonderful feeling, isn't it!
i read "Marriage to a Difficult Man" years ago ~ it's probably time to read it again. i am a huge fan of Lord of the Rings, too. Between Christmas and New Year's my daughter and family always watch the movies culminating with The Return of the King on New Year's Eve. We were blessed to join them this year. i so enjoy your blog!

young-eclectic-encounters said...

I'm taking the cleaning projects a chunk a a time as I am easily overwhelmed, but I am making progress. We got a new TV and stereo system with a new entertainment center which necessatates all my pictures being rehung. I think I will get some good cookies and brew some herbal tea and have a picture hanging party. Does something like that sound like fun to you?
Johnina :^A

Deb said...

Hi Brenda ~ I'm up in the middle of the night--sleepless. So I'm reading blogs... I'll gladly mail you Marriage to a Difficult Man if you'd like to read it at your leisure and mail it back just whenever you can. (I would say you could just keep it, but my girls may want to read it one day.) If you already have a source, that's fine. But if you send me your address, I'll have it in the mail shortly. I guess I should check the bookcase to be sure it's still there...I will first thing in the morning.

Glad your cleaning and organizing has gone well...I'm in the midst of working on some long unfinished crafts. To get those done and crossed off the list will definitely make me feel more organized!

Lallee said...

I really want to get started on some purging in closets and cabinets. I need that special mojo to get started! It is so much harder to get motivated during the winter. Now I know why it's called SPRING cleaning ;-) So glad you found your special items before the box left the building.

carla said...

Books: After a doctor's appointment yesterday, I treated myself to a few minutes at the library (which is an hour away, and since it's a different county, I have to purchase a card). Anyway, I always visit the Used-Books-For-Whatever-One-Wants-To-Donate, and of course I found several that had to come home with me (although, not as many as last time. Sheesh.)

I was very pleased to see on the young adult shelf a Noah Streatfield book "Theater Shoes". Remember in "You've Got Mail" when Kathleen Kelly recommends it to a woman for her daughter?

So I'm reading it now and it's charming. Very old British (published in 1945). Very wonderful. Very cozy.

Jayne said...

Your home looks really lovely. I am wondering what 'tea books' are?! I am enjoying reading Anne of Green Gables, after reading a review about it by Lanier's Books, which I discovered through your marvellous blog! Thank you!