Friday, January 28, 2011

Cozy warmth

Thank you for your kindness and understanding regarding my recent post regarding family drama (and to let me know you do not think I ever ask for anything!).  That is most important.  Fortunately, now that I have come to know the truth in this situation... I can stay completely out of it and let others closer to the situation handle all the details.  :)

It has once again been cold and snowy in my part of the world.  I'm staying as warm as possible inside with a thick, cable-knit sweater and at times a throw around the shoulders.  There are eggs and butter coming to room temperature on the kitchen counter to be transformed into "something yummy" this afternoon... room temperature takes longer in January.

We're having homemade chicken soup again for dinner and perhaps a loaf of homemade bread... that is sounding better all the time.

I lit the candles on my kitchen windowsill this morning and evenings have often found the candle on the dining table lit.  It is the one item decorated for Christmas which I'll keep out all winter... the candle is all tucked into wheat... the apples are fake... the oranges are not. I find dried orange slices (and sliced apples) such a lovely and inexpensive way to decorate.

Speaking of Christmas and such... I loved the new Starbuck's ornament so much, I hung it in my kitchen.  Not very vintage but it blends right in and gives me happy thoughts. ;)

This picture is for Stephanie.  After Christmas, I hung the sweet wreath she had on this "window" back up... added my "faith" word... and a little greenery here and there.  Thank you, Steph!  I am very much enjoying those decorative items you couldn't use in the new house.


Karen Twombly said...

You've probably told in another post where you got them, but I have the EXACT same potholders as the ones of each end of your decoration as I do. My grandmother crocheted them. :) I treasure them but yours are in much better condition. Mine are discolored with a couple of stains. She must have used them. :) They are lovely aren't they?
Have a wonderful day!
Karen T.

Terra said...

The wreath and your faith word look very pretty.

Malinda B said...

Greetings from Colorado!
I love the "picture tours" of your home! Thank you also for your transparency in sharing how you handle family drama. I think by doing so, you have helped readers see how to be graceful and honor Christ through tough circumstances.

Just this past week, I encountered similar situations and God used your post to help me.
I really enjoy your sense of humor, wisdom and variety of topics you discuss on your blog.
You have been like a mentor to me (even though we have never met--isn't that interesting what technology can do!)
Because of you, I have been introduced to great writers (like Elizabeth Gouge, I read "Pilgrim's Inn" and "City of Bells"....LOVED) wonderful videos and topics like deepening my pantry...which I have done!
Thank you for following and obeying Him! You touch so many lives!
Have a wonderful day!


Melissa said...

Hi there, :) I love your blog! I am now following. Its cute, and wonderful! Thanks for sharing. :)
Hope your having a good day. :)Looking forward to reading more and getting to know you a little more. :)