Monday, January 24, 2011

Bloggy business and further decorative tweaking

I find myself doing a lot of decorative tweaking in the winter months, most likely... and this a no-brainer... due to spending more time inside.  I thought I'd share a few pictures after a "bloggy business information interruption" (say that three times fast).

I had a hic up in the Hotmail account a few days ago when a few e-mails just disappeared... poof... no idea where they went (not even in the delete folder).  So, if you don't hear from me... that is probably why.  One of them was from my blog friend who offered to loan me her copy of Marriage to a Difficult Man; The Uncommon Union of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards

Before I accepted the offer, I checked my library and found they actually had it!  I have already started reading it and so far think it is a wonderful biography!  Thank you, anyway.  :)

Speaking of e-mails (quickly), I get a lot of spam in my comments and e-mails.  Just recently, I found out a few reputable comments had been sent to the Blogger spam folder.  I know the same thing happens to the e-mail account.  So, if you don't see your comment listed here or get a response to your e-mail (although it can take awhile for me to respond)... that is most likely where they landed... spam folders.

Now, for pretty pictures...

I tweaked the bottom shelf of the china cabinet a little more after realizing it wasn't as pretty as the magazine picture.  I really like the way it looks now.  It needed a plate and a platter standing up in the back.  I just love getting inspiration from magazines.

The other shelves had plates displayed in the back so it also made the overall affect of the china cabinet more consistent.  The picture shown above is the middle shelf of the three.  I wish I didn't have to use a flash for it distracts slightly from the rich colors of the teacups.

When a blog friend, Margaret, sent me this cute wall quilt (along with a few other wonderful goodies), I was inspired by another decorating magazine picture to display it as shown.  All I did was lay it on top of a double mat and place it in the frame.  It took minutes and the mat wasn't harmed at all.  I love the way it looks in the living room.

That mat and frame was a thrift store find for just a few dollars long ago.  It has shown up in various forms in my pictures through the years, usually with a calendar page taped to the back of the mat... one could never tell it was not pricey artwork.  This is a new way to utilize it.

 While I'm doing a little "show and tell", this Victoria kitty was created, named, and dressed by my grandchildren at a Build-a-Bear in New England and sent home with Christopher and Miss M.  I enjoy the fact that they knew Grammie would love bunny slippers and a housecoat on her stuffed kitty.  Once again, the flash makes the stuffed Victoria more shiny than in person.

Her little friend is a bear my husband bought for me on a business trip to Germany eons ago.  He bought it in the airport on the way home and carried it, along with his briefcase, in the airplane, hehehe.  I can just see this tall engineer (who still looked somewhat like Harrison Ford back then) with a trench coat, brief case, carry on luggage, and a teddy bear tucked under his arm... airport security would probably get suspicious these days (that was just weeks after 9/11).

I'm sure there will be even more tweaking before I turn my attention to the outside come warmer weather.


Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

Sooo charming Brenda!!! I really like the way you arranged especially enjoying the first picture where you created a tiered stand using plates, cups and the clever!!! Am still chuckling over the Teddy stories...especially the brief case Teddy...and sooo cute that your grandchildren "built" you a Victoria kitty...with bunny slippers and robe! You are one beloved woman. :)
I'm off now as it's Mike's birthday and he took the day off from work. We will be spending it together...eating the cupcakes Rosie made for him last night! (Can you tell I haven't had breakfast yet? ;) More soon my sweet friend.
P.S. Thanks for the heads~up on the Blogger spam folder...I didn't even know such a thing existed!!! I wonder how many comments I've lost over the years?!

Maries Cottage said...

Everything looks so wonderful, love that first picture!!!

Anonymous said...

Everything is soooo pretty!!! Can Victoria get to the stack in the first photo? She won't knock it down will she? I am getting ideas from the way you stack and arrange your cabinets! :) Everything can be seen and is such a visual feast! :) Try to stay warm today! Sarah

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Very lovely, Brenda. I think tweaking is very creative. It's like rewriting when you are doing a book. Everything one makes needs time and tweaking and time and tweaking. I do like the little quilt your blogger friend sent you. This is a size I like to make - doll quilt size. I've sent my granddaughters some of these. And the kitty from your grandchildren and the bear from your dear husband are great gifts that probably lift your heart whenever you set your eyes upon them, for all the remind you of. Thank you for sharing so much of your life!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Love your china, it looks great!

Your grandkids are sweet and love their grammie! The Victoria is a a sweet gift, the best kind of when you know you are known! (does that make sense?)


carla said...

Cute stuffed animals and lovely china.

And even Harrison Ford doesn't look like Harrison Ford anymore.

carla said...

Cute stuffed animals and lovely china.

And even Harrison Ford doesn't look like Harrison Ford anymore.

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

so FuN!
i have the identical teapot of your 2nd photo & totally would choose the first one if i ever found one like it!
thx for sharing your tweeking with us ")