Thursday, December 02, 2010

God, Nietzsche, and feeling like Christmas

Three days of decorating a little at a time was tiring but tonight as I drove home from campus, I walked from outside darkness into inside cozy... and Christmas.

I'm not certain just why, perhaps because I'm a very visual person, but the tree and the sentimental stuff and the color and the sparkle and the red and the green all came together to wrap me in their Christmas wonder and I began to feel... Hope and Grace and His Love... all in the midst of the busy-ness of life. 

I had been doing a favor for Christopher this evening, searching through the.... ummm... hippy bookstore for a Nietzsche book he needed for his philosophy class.  The other campus bookstores were sold out but we both figured they would have plenty on their shelves.  We were correct.

We met at the McDonald's by the Engineering Building tonight where I read John Piper while he was in class studying atheist philosophers.  I would look up from the words once in awhile, searching the sea of students until I saw the familiar face (and the 300 pound backpack... or so it seems) arriving through the front door. 

We talked about his class and about Nietzsche and God and Darwin and how ideas have consequences.  I recommended Schaeffer (Francis, not Edith) for the one thousand three hundred and twelfth time... give or take one or two.  There was not much time to chat but I enjoyed hearing his thoughts and opinions about atheist philosophers and God.

Was it really so long ago that these same ideas were discussed by the parents of this family... long before we became a couple and certainly no thought of children and grandchildren.  We knew so little back then except the most important knowing of all... we had met the One Who Created Us and that changed everything... who we were and who our children would be and then onto the next generation.

But we weren't thinking of that at the time... the consequences of ideas chosen and made real in the life of two people much in need of Grace.

All of this was going through my mind as I arrived home tonight and walked from the darkness of the surrounding forest into the light of my Christmas filled home.  Thoughts of a God who who came to this planet to rescue man.  A God who would enter this realm as the infant of Christmas and follow the path set before Him to the Cross of Easter.

As I hung up my winter coat, I noticed the Bible and devotional book on the coffee table, waiting their turn in my busy day.  Here it was long past dark and they were still waiting.  He was waiting.  He always waits.

Thoughts tumbled through my mind of ideas which led man away from God as well as those which drew men closer.  The choice of Nietzsche or Piper.  Choices made long ago and playing out in life today.

Talking about atheist philosophers caused me to embrace Advent close to my heart and enjoy that which goes beyond the sparkle of a house decorated for Christmas.  No matter what my bank account says or the doctor's report or any circumstance I face... He is Real and comes with gifts of salvation and provision and mercy and grace.  I see it and I know it and I feel it.

Forever and ever, amen.

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Mrs.Rabe said...

Amen, Brenda!

We tell our children that their choices today after their tomorrows. The choice to follow the Savior vs. the world, big choices, big consequences.

So happy that Christmas has come alive for you!

Brenda Leyland said...

Your posting made me warm, smile, feel good.

Brenda, so glad you found 'it' when you walked into your Christmas-filled house tonight.

I could feel through your words the beauty, the peace, the sense of things coming back into right focus.


Dena E's Blog said...

Hello, came by to visit after being at Donnies blog..I soooooo enjoyed your post and especially the ending.. Your heart for Jesus shows beautifully Sweetie..
God's Love and Blessings on you and in your weekend too!!!
Hugs Dena

Jan Hatchett said...

Well put. Thank you.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

Such deep and gentle words filled brimming with the true spirit of Christmas . . . thank you for the gift, Brenda. I can feel the CHRISTmas feeling of your home, for my home has it as well. To know the one truth outstanding in the field brings great comfort and joy (dare I sound cliche and add "peace on earth") in these tumultuous times. Life has never been simple on earth; the slate of choices has always been crowded with much untruth. BUT . . . He promises that the seekers of truth will find Him. Now THAT is something to celebrate!

I always love a visit with you Brenda. This is one of the coziest spots on the web.

Thank you for always being here with the candle of welcome burning in the window.

XO ~~ Debbie

moreofhim said...

What a lovely post. Of course, your posts are always lovely. I love how you are always having these wonderful discussion with your son. It so reminds me of my discussions I have with my own sons. Isn't it wonderful that we are so close to our sons that they also are friends?

Yes, God is waiting for us and that is such a comfort. He is there for us always - He is SO good.

Thank you again for your beautiful post.

God bless you - Julie

Susan said...

Good Morning from over here in Zurich. I love this post - and am glad that you walked into your cozy home and felt His love. "He was waiting. He always waits" - I love that.

Thanks for blogging. I pray that you will have strength each day for all that is on your plate right now. I have no idea what that is, but that's unimportant, because the Lord knows. God bless.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the magic of Christmas has found it's way into your life yet again!


Fixing My Thoughts said...

Brenda, your post just makes me want to stand up and praise the Lord for all His goodness! Fighting back tears, Bess

Vee said...

I refreshed myself with Mr. Nietzsche quotes long enough to remember what he was all about. Ugh.

Last night on my way past the computer, I stopped long enough to read your post. My brain was so muddled that I couldn't form a thought.

Today's not much better, but I did want to say how comforting it was to read your closing comments. All these difficulties that plague us...poor health, low income, fear, regret and on and on...well, they're all the reason that He came. I'm always so glad that He was willing to.

Christy@WickedHappy said...

A lovely post. Thank you for writing these warm and thought provoking words.

Your posts are some of my favorites and always make me feel at home. Thank you for that.

freetobeme - Anita said...

Amen and amen...I knew you'd find it and I'm so glad you did. God loves you and so do I.