Monday, November 29, 2010

Victoria, cinnamon rolls, and just staying inside

 Victoria in snoopy mode over the summer

I really, really want to start Christmas decorating but Autumn continues to clutter the dining room table and Christmas remains on garage shelves.  I had a bit of a difficult time getting going this morning and one should never pack a season away while half awake.  No telling what we would find in the unpacking of the season next year.

I love this picture of Victoria, it shows her at one of her two favorite places to look out upon the world.  The other is in the family room, the view of the deck unimpeded as the doors have glass all the way to her level.  We become quite amused at her reactions but must wonder at times just what she SEES.  Of course, it is obvious when there is a bird or a squirrel or a chipmunk... but sometimes it appears to be a bunch of leaves blowing in the wind.  :)

Sunday afternoon was spent snuggled on the Lazy Boy with Miss Victoria curled up on my lap.  I probably should have used an hour or so to pack Autumn  and bring in Christmas but instead became very interested in a couple Christmas movies... they abounded on the various channels.

One of the movies was The Christmas Card, which I had heard was good but I'd never seen it.  It is truly wonderful!  Holiday movies (the made for TV variety) remind me somewhat of disaster flicks, in that they often have the exact same plot over and over... as if there is one script in Hollywood which is xeroxed and just tweaked here and there.  This movie was touching and actually believable, about a soldier who receives an anonymous Christmas card and later travels to meet the young woman who wrote it. :)

Although we're experiencing a brief warm up, more rain is to turn to snow.  That's okay, I have a stack of books to be read and a quick trip to the grocery can be made once the rain/snow has stopped.  We have milk, eggs, and cat food but we ran out of coffee filters (there is another "winter storm pantry" item to put on the list).

Once the weather turns cold enough that we experience highs in the 30s, I like to make cinnamon rolls.  This time I made them in the bread machine on Saturday, punched down the dough, placed it in a red bowl, and covered it with a plate on which two cans of fruit cocktail kept it solidly in place.  It stayed in the frig until the dough was rolled out, allowed to rise (which takes longer when cold), and baked on Sunday afternoon.  The scent of cinnamon rolls on a cold day... very few aromas can match it.  :)

I did spend some time yesterday afternoon bringing back the Christmas music to the Play List.  A few were no longer available so... when I have some extra time to peruse the music lists... I will add them back.  If you notice a favorite song dropped from the Play List, it is the provider and not me.  Although, it doesn't happen often.

Thank you SO MUCH again to all of you who enter Amazon to shop through my widget (or that of another blog friend).  It adds nothing to your price and it really adds up for us.  In this busy world, it takes a little time to come to one of our blogs and click on any item in the widget... but you truly bless us.  Thank you, again.  :)


Amanda said...

I also like the Hallmark movie you watched this weekend. I too spent time curled up watching it, all the while wishing I lived in the woods where I could see the snow falling on the trees around my house!

Vee said...

It makes me happy to know that you did some relaxing and watching of some good Christmas movies. "The Christmas Card" sounds so good. Don't fret about autumn decor and Christmas. There's plenty of time!

Scrappy quilter said...

I thought of you this past week as I read the new Victoria magazine I picked up at the library. It's the Christmas one. Love that magazine. Hope you're feeling okay this afternoon. Hugs

Shanna said...

I love your Christmas blog banner! So bright & cheery!

Kimberly said...

:) Your comment about the movies made me laugh. I think the same thing about a lot of the fiction stories out there. So wish me could sit together enjoying our tea and rolls and chatting away.

Fixing My Thoughts said...

Victoria is a sweetie. We have five sweet kitties, all female. They provide lots of entertaining moments! I like your Christmas header a lot! Hope you will be blessed with plentiful energy and well-being this Christmas season. Bess

joyce said...

Victoria, cinnamon rolls, and just staying inside sounds perfect to me!
Victoria is so cute. I imagine her as a cuddly kitty with a loud purr!

Marianna said...

I love your description of your kitty. Mine spent about half an hour going from two windows on the front of the house to the kitchen window over and over, all crouched down in attack mode. I never did figure out what she was after.