Thursday, November 11, 2010

This and that and a recipe link

Happy Veteran's Day to everyone who served our country.  My husband received such a nice card yesterday from the family of Christopher's girlfriend... a Thank You card for serving our country.  Hubby was in the Viet Nam war before we met.

It still smells like autumn here!  I used to enjoy walking the trails at a local park on days like this, especially when we were homeschooling in the younger years.  Instead, today I will be taking advantage of the Indian Summer warmth to work in the garage awhile... just a little at a time.  :)

All this week we have had places to go, appointments to keep, and people to see.  So it is actually nice to have a day to slowly work on organization projects.  Especially those (like the yard and garage) which will be more difficult when the weather turns colder.

Speaking of cold weather, Stephanie has posted two recipes on her blog that I have been nagging requesting from her... but I wasn't the only one!  She served the chicken chili for dinner one night at it was wonderful! Her dad usually is not a fan of chicken chili but he wanted me to make it here at home.  It will be perfect for the cold days ahead (I will make slightly less than this recipe calls for unless Christopher is home).

The lemon-blueberry scones were the star of our tea time together, she made them without blueberries since the berries had become quite expensive... and served them with Devonshire cream (or double cream) and lemon curd.  Oh, my... they were the best scones I have every tasted.  Her mother-in-law loves these scones, too.  These two recipes can be found... here.

Speaking of my daughter, she ordered our Christmas present yesterday and since I had to decide the type and color and other important details, I know what it is (her dad does not).  However, I have been given firm orders that I cannot open it until Christmas.  I think that is torture... pure and simple torture.  Sigh...   :-(

Picture: End of the Harvest;


matty said...

Yummers! I want to try these receipes this weekend!

Enjoy this Indian Summer. I assume, as we, you are warmer this week!

Mrs.Rabe said...

I am off to Stephanie's blog right now for those recipes!

Take advantage of the nice weather while you can.

Oh, and try to be patient about the gift! hee hee