Monday, November 15, 2010

Of books and food and weeds that are not

I seem to think a lot lately about books and food, most likely the result of colder weather and an early darkness settling each day.  Both are drawing me inside to the kitchen and the sofa and to the soft light of candles with autumnal scents.

I wasn't able to accomplish much last week, having received a flu shot even though I know they tend to make me feel on the icky side for awhile.  But after the rounds of antibiotics last winter, a decision was made by both my doctor and me that a flu shot would be a good thing.

The affects of the shot were wearing off by Saturday when we (finally) were able to get the garden beds ready for winter as plants no longer full of life were pulled out by the roots and taken to the compost pile at the corner of our property.  Hubby offered to pull all weeds but upon seeing him reach for a perennial herb, I declined his offer, saying I'll let them be for now.

He made numerous trips with the wheelbarrow full of leaves to cover the soil and the.... ummmm... weeds.  How good it is to look through the window and see a garden ready for whatever winter brings.

There is so much I didn't accomplish this year, the items I thought were important like freezing and canning fruits and veggies, the making of jam, purchasing more honey... the time, energy, and cash needed elsewhere.  But it was a good garden season, for which I give Thanks.

Do feel free to still comment on the "15 Books" post... here.  There are also excellent authors named in the comment section and links to posts on other blogs.  As I read the names on other lists, I was reminded of many other favorite authors who had a great influence on my life (which I knew would happen!). ;)

Another blog post about "15 Books" is at Lanier's... here.  As well as lots of wonderful comments on her post.  Lanier is always good to read!  I always smile when I see she has a new blog post ready to be enjoyed.

TV Alert:  Ree Drummond (aka:: The Pioneer Woman) is featured on a special hour long episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay on The Food Network.  I enjoy this show very much and when I found out about this special Thanksgiving episode, I could hardly wait to watch it.  Believe me, that doesn't happen with TV much, anymore.  Anyway, it is on this Wednesday evening and I'm sure it will be replayed.

I have been seeing commercials for it on The Food Network and there is a link with info on The Pioneer Woman's blog... here.

Picture:  Grandpa's pumpkins;

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Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

A nice post, Brenda. I'm still going into slight shock every day about 4:30 when I realize it is getting darker! But today is ANOTHER sunny day in northeast Ohio where we don't normally get anywhere as much sunshine as we have been getting this year! I have a truly ridiculous number of books out from the library just now! Free libraries! One of the best ideas ever! Thank you Ben Franklin!