Saturday, October 09, 2010

Over at The Perfect Pantry

My home pantry(s) are being shown over at The Perfect Pantry today.  You can find it... here.

It contains recent pictures of my yellow pantry and my shower pantry.  The picture of my garage pantry was from last winter.  It is not quite as neat right now or as full!

I very much enjoy The Perfect Pantry blog all the time and especially when we get to peek into other people's pantries.  Much like driving down a street on a dark night and looking through the windows into the well lit rooms... now, don't tell me you never do that!  ;)

I hope to write a couple more pantry posts at the end of this week.  Today I will be working on the Book Recommendations list in between a couple household chores.

Picture: Housewife Taking Canned Goods;


Lydi said...

Thanks so much for sharing your pantry photos in Other People's Pantries. Yes, we all like to peek, don't we?

Vee said...

I can't tell you that I never do that...I do it all.the.time. If you don't want me to look, shut the curtains...

Okay, off to see what you've been up to.

Donnie said...

I used to look at that site all the time then lost touch. That's cool you were posted there. It's a lot of fun but I find I mostly look to see what they are