Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I just want to lay below the tree and watch the leaves...

However, the days have been almost too busy to appreciate all the color.  I say almost as there are those trees so full of color that one must gaze upon them in awe... unless one is driving... then one can only give an appreciate glance.

I'm so grateful for your comments on the last Sunday Afternoon Tea for it was one of my most personal "Tea" posts.  I know there are many making their way through the storms of life right now.

It has been quite busy here at the edge of the forest.  I've continued to get all the outside work done that I can handle in the midst of near record breaking heat (some surrounding communities did break record highs).  I can't believe how nice my kitchen windows are now, achieved with hosing the windows from outside and then deep cleaning on the inside (spiders and stuff... yuk).

Yesterday (Monday), Christopher's girlfriend traveled to our house for the first time while he had the day off from classes.  I served a very simple pot roast meal and my dutch apple pie (that recipe... here).  We had such a nice time and enjoyed her company very much.  His dad mentioned later that his son has exceptional taste in ladies. I reminded my husband he was well trained by his mother and sister.  :)

There is so much to do right now during these last warm days (too warm if you ask me) of autumn.  I'm way behind on responding to e-mails but I promise to get to them soon.  I also want to write at least one "pantry post" before the week's end.  It won't be too long before all outdoor chores are finished for the season and there should be more time to write and ponder and write about ponderings.

By the way, Stephanie has finally finished the story of their move to a new house in the midst of pregnancy and such... here.  The picture she is showing in the post is from her former house... it is so light and airy looking.  We love the same vintage look only my preferences are for the jewel and earth tone colors.  I can certainly admire the cottage style, though.

It's hard to believe it has been a year since she transformed her home into a Bed & Breakfast for her parents (that being us) as well as Clay, Sally, Joel, and Sarah Clarkson (lovely friends!).  I am blessed with a wonderful son-in-law who goes along with all the spoiling.

A belated happy Thanksgiving to all of our Canadian friends.  Last year we were driving through Upstate New York on your Thanksgiving Day and at first were quite confused by all the Holiday talk... until we realized we had picked up a Canadian radio station.  Oh... that quite explained it and we were not involved in some strange time warp.  ;)

Picture: Raking Leaves; allposters.com


Donnie said...

It sounds like you've been busy. We're getting ready to head to Florida for the winter so I'm soaking in all our beautiful Fall colors before we leave.

matty said...

Sounds like a lovely way to spend the last golden days of summer!