Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Re-do, re-use, re-purpose... resist (Two)

I know you have seen this before but it is one of my favorite "re-do, re-use, and re-purpose" items.  It was originally a hanging planter on my front porch. When I took the plant out... I found this beautiful ironwork.  :)

The Charlie's Soap is in the cute container... of course.

The above picture is of a spur of the moment re-do that I love.  My laundry area is in the garage and the shelf which held my "laundry stuff" was awful... more than ugly it was horrible.  I suspect it was the original shelf from when the house was built.

I had talked to my husband about taking it down, buying another shelf, and figuring out how to put another up without removing everything around it.  Instead, as I was looking at it one day, I remembered I had leftover shelf liner from when we moved into this house.

Hmmm... it was worth a try and within about twenty minutes... the shelf was transformed.  No buying, no hard work, just using leftovers... more ideas than cash.  :)

I remember Laine (Laine's Letters) writing about the importance of knowing good quality brand names for those times we find them in thrift shops (she knew the Cuisinart she purchased was a newer model in that particular letter).

I have found that to be true from collecting china tea cups and that knowledge was behind the purchase of two china "sets" over the years at Goodwill.  You may recognize the place setting above from the Sunday Afternoon Tea pictures, I purchased it about five years ago.

I was going to just purchase a cup and saucer of this china when I looked at the bottom and saw it was Royal Albert's Lavender Rose pattern.  I added it up (mentally, which is not easy for me) and realized I could get a service for eight... complete with serving pieces... for around $70.00.  The real miracle is I had an extra $70.00 right then!

The silverware in the above picture is from a set of silver plated forks, knives, spoons, etc. I purchased at a garage sale about the same time.

Not too long ago, I came across the above china at Goodwill.  It was beautiful and I knew from the look and feel it was expensive.  Sure enough, as I looked at the stamp on the bottom, it was German Bavarian china (I later found out it is a vintage pattern from the 1930's-40's).

I did purchase just a teacup/saucer and I remember mentioning to God (Whom I talk to while thrifting) that I'd love to have the eight plates and six other teacups-saucers as I had no china that matched my teapot with blue flowers.

How amazing to return on Sr. Citizen Day, when those 55 and older get a huge discount, to find it still there.  That almost never happens with china.  As I told one of the workers I know at Goodwill... it was a sign from Heaven!  So, for a little over a dollar a plate and a dollar per cup/saucer... I have, as my husband would say... even more china.

Did I need it, really?  (I do need to find more of my "Thanksgiving" plates from Johnson Bros.).

No... but I had just received a gift from a friend to do something special and for the price of dinner out, I can set a pretty table for years to come.  I also had a place to store it since I had recently given my sister, Bonnie, thrifted china plates that I knew she would love.

I truly believe God gives us our passions in life and once in awhile, enjoys fulfilling our godly desires.  One of mine happens to be setting a pretty table and I love how He has led me to china, crystal, silver, teapots, teacups, linens, etc. that cost very little cash.

I don't have much room since we moved to our small-ish house in the country.  For that reason, I rarely get tempted by going to garage sales (I didn't go to any this summer).  So it is even more amazing to me how the Creator of the Universe leads and guides little old ME to be in a thrift shop at the right place and right time (and with "extra" cash)... to fulfill a desire of the heart.

He understands having more ideas than cash.  :-)


Donnie said...

Brenda- your pictures make me want to go in the kitchen and peek in the pots to see what we all are having for dinner. I'm trying to see my things with another eye and make my house more homey. Love to thrift too.

jennathome said...

The blue and white china is just beautiful!

Vee said...

Error 503...if this is a duplicate...I'm looking for a set of dishes so am really paying attention to your method of getting them. :>

Great redo on the shelf!

Pear tree cottage! said...

Brenda..............I have always loved your blog and now here I am after a frightful year and a half back in the world of blogging and again loving your blog. Being a lover of china and adoring all it can tell us from thier past I so loved this post of yours but also adore the fact that one thing can be bought for a use and then become a beautiful addition in another way! well done to you dear blogger friend.

ps....I work in a thrift store 5 days a week and I see some items come in you would not believe!!!


GrammaGrits said...

Thank you for the encouraging posts. I, too, believe God is interested in our heart's desires as well as our needs. Just today I found shoes for $1 a pair at a local thrift store - good, leather name brands! PTL!

Mrs.Rabe said...

What a wonderful find, and isn't it just like the Lord to give you the desire of your heart?

Anonymous said...

Funny how that works isen't it. You walk in a thrift store and right in front of your eyes is the very thing that makes your heart jump! Something you wanted but just knew you'd never be able to find let alone afford. Also at times it is marked down a time or two meaning it has been there for wuite a while..!! :) Isen't He amazing!!I have also given many things to a lady who has a small shop of used things. When she repaints or repurposes many of them I almost want to buy them again!!! I reuse what I can here but her eyes see them anew and her talent to do so is amazing! I look round her shop and get many ideas now!! Thanks for keeping reminding us that beauty is priceless. Sarah

Anonymous said...

Last week, as I was walking out of Goodwill, I spotted a couple of china trays, in a locked cabinet. One was very large, and the other was a more traditional size. I bought a beautiful set of china at an auction years ago, but there were no serving pieces. I use pink depression glass serving bowls, but no platter. Well, the large on had a chip on it, so I passed on that one, but the smaller tray was in perfect condition, was vintage, and had a similar design, as my china. I looked at the back, and it said, Haviland, Limoges, France. Score!
It compliments my china, and is really special. Sometimes we are "graced" when we are least expecting it.

Anonymous said...

Thrift shopping is so fun and the ideas you share here are encouraging too!! Fact is, we can often find things in thrift shops that are not for sale anyplace else, even decent clothing. Try shopping, even online, today for clothes, most of which are anything but modest!! If you don't sew, now would be a good time to learn and re-purposing fabrics from thrift shops can be a very good idea!!!

Brenda Leyland said...

I so enjoyed your posting, and to learn of your treasure of china. He is so good to us.... He loves to give gifts to his children.

BTW, I'm often talking to Him while I'm out shopping.... He's fun to shop with!

matty said...

I love the new china! So pretty!

Would you come clean --er --- decorate my house??

window into our life of love, joy, and adventures! said...

I loved your post! I also want to mention that the blue and white china set you have is also my china set! My dear sister and mother hunted and hunted until they had a complete set of 12 servings for me. They also found the teapot and coffee pot and gravy bowl and two serving bowls to go with as well as the butter dish! I was so thrilled when they gifted that set to me. Our family does have an obsession with vintage things and yes, we do study before we buy!

young-eclectic-encounters said...

What a delightful story the same works for me. I call it serendipity. I love hearing how it happens in other peoples lives also. Thank you for sharing
Johnina :^A