Thursday, September 16, 2010

Planning in the midst of life's happenings

Thank you for the nice comments about the decorations. I do enjoy adding accessories here and there which display the beauty of the season.

I have not been able to work on the Recommendations List since my husband returned from working on his brother's deck on Saturday.  It is a priority so I will be working on it when that computer become available.  I really want to post it soon.

Life has been rather challenging lately with health and finances.  But it has also been good to see God at work in our challenges.  :-)

So many of you asked about the stock up list that I didn't like.  I didn't want to post where to find the list because most of the work done on that site is very good and I don't want to give it bad publicity.  What I disliked about the list was this... it starts with buying a few canned goods each week and includes purchasing wheat every couple of months.

If one was to have an emergency in which they HAD to eat out of their pantry, there was no thought put to stocking up in such a way that the household could put together meals.  Instead a family would have bits of this and pieces of that to work with.

I am also not one that believes it is a good thing to store wheat unless a family already owns a grain mill and is baking with freshly ground wheat.  I do and I still make certain I have bags of flour on the shelves.

So... I do hope to have writing time very soon to talk specifically about stocking up for emergencies.  In the meantime, I have written a series of posts called How I Stock Up... here.


Vee said...

Challenging...the story of most lives I think. Hope that your situations straighten round soon. Those have got to be vintage utensils hanging with your vintage red and white potholders. Love the look of those handles!

Terra said...

Your potholders give a cheerful spark to your wall.