Friday, September 17, 2010

Drowning a frog on the deck

Do you see him???

It all started innocently enough, watering my parched flowers on the deck.  Those holding onto life at the end of their season.

I had finished giving the above plant a good drink when I noticed something odd out the corner of my eye... a leaf perhaps?  Upon further glance, I noticed the "leaf" was holding on for dear life with one little um... hand?

If I were a better blogger, I would carry my camera with me just in case.  For when one lives at the edge of a forest, surprises abound.  Although one does not expect to find much excitement watering deck plants.

So... I ran back in the house, past the fluffy one who had been watching my every move in the outside world...

 Victoria as seen through the glass

By the time I returned with camera in hand, the little guy had (somehow?) pulled himself back up and placed his traumatized self within the safety of the flowers.  Not quite the stunning affect a picture of him hanging for dear life would have been.

Now, I must admit that I am not very fond of things which are creepy-crawly or slimy.  I stay away from all that slithers or goes bump in the night.  But this teeny tiny frog captivated me as I stared at every tiny detail from a safe distance.

After all, I am no longer a homeschool mom so I do not have to overcome my distaste of cold blooded creatures (no matter how captivating) to spend the morning staring at him... taking close up photos... placing him in a jar with holes in the lid... running to the library for books about frogs... instructing the need for Google searches... and then asking what we had learned at the end of the day.

I do, however, wonder how in the world he came to find himself in a flower pot on a deck.


Donnie said...

Nature is so fascinating. Loved the frog story. Aren't we all just hanging on some days and with the Lord's help we end up in the flowers.

allisamazing said...

Thanks for sharing the frog story. I can just picture him hanging on for dear life. I love your cat through the window picture. Made me miss having a cat around the house. Thanks for sharing.

carla said...

Frog and things give me the creeps, but I'm glad we have them because the mosquitoes have been worse lately than I've ever seen them.

We have to check the dog's water bowl outside because the frogs/toads (whatever they are) get stuck in there. We tried putting a brick in it to give them something to hop up onto, but it gets algae quickly.

Ann said...

What fun!

jules said...

I used to have a palm sized red toad living in one of my plants. He would burrow himself in the dirt and pop out to surprise me when I watered. I have shallow pot bottoms around my yard for the toads to sit in and have a brick in the dog pool so in case any of them go in for a dip, they don't get stuck in there.

freetobeme - Anita said...

Yes, I think I see him... I've done the same thing, run for my camera when nature gives me a quick glimpse of something unique and wonderful. Thanks for sharing your delightful story.