Monday, September 13, 2010

Change of seasons

It looks and feels like the beginning of autumn.  Although a few days here and there still reach the 80s, we are mostly seeing highs in the 70s and cool evenings.  A few leaves have turned to gold and red and yellow, just the promise of what is to come.

As you can see, I'm still getting some tomatoes and peppers.  I picked our last watermelon yesterday (a little larger than this one shown which was picked last week).  The lemon verbena in the picture above was washed and then rolled in a towel to dry.  It was then used to make lemon verbena vinegar the way I made the basil vinegar.  I can't wait to try it!

Over the weekend, I dressed my house for autumn and I just love its' warm-cozy feeling.  I'll post the first pictures this evening and more in the next couple of days.  Taking the boxes labeled "autumn stuff" off the shelves in the garage is the first sign of impending Holidays.  For autumn decorating becomes Thanksgiving decorating which is quickly followed by Christmas decorating.

There was a time when I felt I didn't want to decorate, anymore.  That being after Stephanie married and left home.  I felt it would never be the same (silly me, it was not the same but still good).  So... you can imagine how it felt to decorate when it was now just two of us in the home... human, that is.

I have come to realize the traditions we began when there were originally two and then three and then four... are just as important now that we are back to two. 

I was given apples over the weekend, which are going to be turned into our favorite Dutch Apple Pie this afternoon.  It is such an easy pie but delicious.  As I mention in the recipe, it came from the community cookbook of Holland, Michigan... where they know a thing or two about dutch pastry.  :)

I'm also making the first chili of the season!   Hmmm.... chili and Dutch Apple Pie.  There is a reason I like cooking in cooler weather.

Thankfully, an easy menu as I'm under the weather today (literally).  Just a little sniffly and headachy.  Nothing terrible or horrible but enough to need a little sofa time.  :)


Kimberly said...

This will be the first time in years I am not decorating. Weird. All my fun stuff is in storage. I miss it. Especially this year as the boys would enjoy it.
We have however, filled the house with all sorts of outdoor things for our "school" stuff so it is sort of Autumny.
Sweetheart took the boys to a nearby pond yesterday to play and returned home with a bouquet of cattails. So sweet. He brought roses home earlier in the week.
I'm staying inside more these days mostly because I am just worn out. I did venture out on Saturday to the Farmers Market. Got quite a few smiles as I carried around my pumpkin for pumpkin bread. Don't know why. ;) Must have looked like I had one on my hip and one under my shirt. I left Pumpkin himself at home.
Just thought I'd chat along and fill up your comment box as I sit here and stare at my tummy....
Hope you feel better soon. Pie should help. Hmm...maybe I should bake a pie. I went into labor with Dumpling after baking a pie.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I made an English Apple Pie this weekend with fresh local apples. Yum...

We are getting similar weather to yours...I am loving it!

I have been hungry for pumpkin items and stews the coziness of this season!

freetobeme - Anita said...

Chili sounds so good! I'll be getting fall decorations out soon too. Our good friend who always supplied me with corn stalks is not able to any more... It's good to be back home, reading and commenting on friends blogs.

Donnie said...

Your posts make me feel like I'm sitting at your kitchen table visiting with you. You have a lovely writing style.