Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Autumn decorations - Two

 Don't eat the apples, they are not real :-)

I have always loved to decorate for the various seasons but especially for autumn and Christmas.  Autumn because I love the crispness and the colors... Christmas because I love... magic... Narnia magic.

 Full price but not expensive!

Most of my decorations are purchased really, really cheap (thrift stores, Goodwill, garage sales, etc.).  A few here and there were purchased full price when I had more discretionary income.

Seasonal decorating was a priority and just once in awhile there would be an item that made my heart sing in such a way, it was worth purchasing... just in case it did not make the end of season clearance sales... like the pumpkin above.  I bought one of them one year and the second the next year.


Each year I purchase a scoop of those teeny tiny pumpkins from my favorite primitive country store, they are only a few dollars for a bag.  I mix them with dried berries and such to add color.  See how they look in a primitive bowl and all glammed up?  They last for years and years (and years) if carefully stored.

These are filled with the same thing but one has more of the tiny pumpkins and the other more dried "nature stuff".  I love mixing glitz with country... kinda' like my own personality.  :-)

My Susan Branch Summer book is back on the shelf, Autumn is in the place of honor (LOVE both of these books, both purchased really cheap used on Amazon).

I changed a few things around on the antique sewing machine table, too.  Not spending too much time and energy... mainly just puttering around off and on for an afternoon.  Hmmm.... decorating by puttering???


jAne said...

oh brenda ~ your table display is so pretty. love the wood! love the bowl of faux fruit. love it all.


Donnie said...

Everything is so nice. I love the fall.

happy momma said...

Your home is Lovely! God Bless

Vee said...

Puttering is the best way to decorate... a bit here, a bit there, oh that's not right, let me try this...at least that's how it goes at my house. Everything is looking very autumnal and cozy at your house.

mamajuliana said...

You inspire me to get a move on and decorate for fall. It has finally become a bit cooler here-so I finally feel like summer may be leaving.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Love the Autumn touches, the bowl of faux fruit, I have a few of those, though not apples. I also love those mini pumpkins...mine are missing...I guess I'll have to purchase some new this year...

I always putter around, trying things in a different way each year..it's more fun that way!

Manuela@TPOH said...

Brenda, all your fall touches look so lovely!


Heather said...

Very pretty and inspiring! I have taken down 'summer' - all my shells and beachy things, but I have yet to venture into the attic to retrieve the bins of fall decor. My Hubby will have to do it, but with fall baseball, and soccer, his free time is quite limited. I didn't have the heart to ask him when he chose to spend his time to sit and read to the children! Maybe tomorrow evening I'll catch him before they open the book!

Cheryl said...

I have that Susan Branch book too!
I have that pumpkin too!
I have mini pumpkin potpourri too!

(Could it be that we are kindred decorating spirits?) :-)