Thursday, August 05, 2010

A prayer request for Jewels

Our friend, Jewels, has a prayer request for a friend... here.  I know she would love it if you hopped on over and agreed with her in prayer.

If you have never visited Jewels' blog before... take some time and peruse the archives.  She is one of the loveliest persons I know.  :)

We had some big storms go through yesterday but the (brief) cool down hasn't quite started.  It is still quite humid even if the temperatures are not as hot.  It's suppose to be much better starting tomorrow so I can see some garden work getting done... like getting the one raised bed ready to plant fall veggies.

I did cut some basil this morning, it has been washed and is now drying on a towel.  I'm going to make basil vinegar this afternoon.

Regarding the lemon balm, I have only made hot tea from it and then I just washed and dried the fresh mint... stuffed it into the teapot whole... and let it sit about five minutes steeping in the hot water.  It made a very good tea, then.

Remember, lemon balm is a mint and it will act accordingly.  I don't think it takes over like some mints but it will expand.  I'm ripping mine out at the end of this season as I don't want it in the same place next year.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry Brenda to bring this up again but I am still a bit unaware of how to make these teas. You say stuff the pot...stuff the whole tea pot loosly...[or tightly?].. with mint leaves...or lemon balm the same amount? What if you were just making a cup?...stuff the tea ball then instead? Maybe that was the problem as I used way less leaves. What do you use the basil vinigar to make? All this preserving is facinating to me. I do can and freeze a lot but so many new things are being mention this year and it is exciting! Sarah

Anonymous said...

Yes I will go over to Jewels...Sarah

Tina said...


I've been a lurker for a while now. Absolutely enjoy your blog, especially the Sunday Afternoon Teas. I just went and bought basil at the store, embarrassed to tell you what I paid. Man I do need to get some plants!

One more thing, and this may sound corny, but you're very motherly and I when I visit your blog I feel "mothered." That's a good thing, by the way. Especially when I'm feeling nostalgic for my own Mom.

Hope that doesn't sound cheesy.


matty said...

I will visit Jewels... And I would love to have some mint tea! Share your receipt, please??

We had your storms this afternoon! Violent! But, things did cool off!

Kay said...

Oh Honey... watch out for that Lemon Balm. It will take over. I've been fighting mine for the last 15 years. I'm planning on moving mine to a slope where the weeds are growing and letting it go there.

If you email me your snail-mail address, I'll send you a start of Chocolate Mint. Perfect for adding to hot chocolate in the winter.

Becky K. said...

I just wanted to thank you for posting the note about Jewels. I clicked right over there yesterday.
I remembered that post well about her creative friends.

Becky K.

Jewels said...

Thanks ((Brend)), I'll be writing soon as I get settled back in to the internet, and time allows. 'Til then, sending much love to ((my dear Pig)), and ditto-ing your kind sentiments, so sincerly. ox Jewels