Friday, August 13, 2010

Amazon, my "office", and a solitaire tea time

What a hodgepodge of subjects today.  :)

It continues to be rather busy here, getting Christopher ready for his move as well as enjoying family evenings together, celebrating our anniversary, etc.  I told him recently, it is a good thing he is close and we're not packing for two seasons of clothing! Especially since he doesn't have much storage space in the room he shares with at least two other guys.

He texted me this morning that all the books I ordered yesterday have shipped!  I'll let you know if all are in the condition and (most importantly to college students) are the EDITION of the book promised.  I hope so, my reputation as an Amazon shopper is at stake.  :)

We've only had one even somewhat bad experience ordering used from Amazon and that was only a reference textbook ordered for extra study last year that wasn't sent when promised.  It was shipped weeks later than it was suppose to be sent but as it was not for an actual class, there was no harm done.  Christopher had ordered that book from an individual. 

Most of the time, I order at the lowest price I can find from a used book store and one that has at least a 96% or 97% favorable rating.  I have ordered from individuals but only if they have a few hundred sells behind them.  So far... so good... and most often it is the only way I am able to purchase a book (used with Amazon credit).

As usual, my work here is accomplished a little at a time... work, rest, work, rest, etc.  When I have a rare burst of energy, more is accomplished.  Just the continual learning of how to work within the confines of chronic illness.  However, after being sofa bound for awhile... I can live with this.  :)

Today's priorities have been laundry and the usual cooking, dishes, dusting, sweeping, etc.  I have unsalted butter and one egg coming to room temperature to make sweet roll dough in the bread machine.  If used as planned, it will become one pan of cinnamon rolls and one pan of nut rolls... walnut as I have no pecans right now. 

The picture above is of a solitaire tea time I put together last week to enjoy a little pot of lemon balm tea.  The amounts I use are completely based on experience, much like Goldilocks deciding what was too weak, too strong, and just right. 

I've found when I use fresh mint (including lemon balm), I fill the teapot with the herb and pour boiling water (which has been allowed to sit a minute or so) over it and then set aside to steep four or five minutes... but that is the strength I enjoy and may be too strong or too weak for another.

I have been spending a great deal of time here at the dining room table (actually just a niche near the window in the living room but made by previous owners into a beautiful dining area).   It is my little part of the world used as my "office" with the china cabinet before me...

The buffet to my side (this picture taken before I placed part of my teapot collection on it instead of the silver tea service)...

And the chamber cabinet behind me.  My sister, Bonnie, told me these cabinets held the... ummm... chamber pots... back in the day before society had indoor plumbing.  She was an antique dealer so she would know.  Today it is full of all items for correspondence, candles, and little lovelies... one of the few places in the house that is all mine.  I'd say this is a much nicer use for such a pretty piece of furniture.

All of the furniture shown was inherited and most accessories found while thrifting through the years or were special gifts received from friends and family.  Perhaps not a private office and I do have to remove everything from the dining table when we have a meal here... but pretty.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

What a peaceful post. I really love the white and pastel shades of your zinnias for the "solitary tea". Brenda, you have such a talent for making things special. It's a blessing, and I appreciate that you share it with us, all your blog readers.

Anonymous said...

You have lovely furniture!! And that it was inherited in some cases makes it the more special.
Thanks for sharing.

Hope all the books arrive ok for your son!! Amazon generally does better than some other places we have ordered from. And being able to report on the transaction is good too!!
Blessings, Elizabeth

Vee said...

Oh I have always wondered about those bedside tables. Gosh, so many have them sitting right in the dining room or living room, including my mother. Ha!

Hope that all the books are fine and that your sweet rolls turn out beautifully. I'm no more fond of pecans than walnuts so have used that substitution many times.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Your "office" is lovely - who wouldn't enjoy it! So glad you are making good use of the "chamber" cabinet! It is very pretty.

Also, I tasted Lemon Balm yesterday at my herb class - the instructor said we must taste them to know them...the Lemon Balm was delightful - I want to get some of this - very lemony and good.

Thanks for your comment today on my blog - if you ever come this way again, I would love to have tea with you!