Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Tea

Due North... that is the phrase running in and out of my brain these days.  I suppose it has something to do with my last post, where I was pondering doing the best with what we have instead of just longing for that which would perfectly fill our desires.

Coming out of a long illness has a Rip Van Winkle affect on a life, much happened while one was sofa bound (or in bed).  A lot of it having to do with clutter, dust, and grime in my house.  Long overlooked household duties are vying for attention with the everyday gottado's of life, laundry, three meals a day, the lawn and garden, books to be read, people needing attention, and a cat with another flea attack (it has been a bad year for fleas and long haired kitties).

I long for the life I desire.  You know, the life where everything falls into place easily and there is enough money and time and energy to go around.  I long for gorgeous flower gardens as well as veggies without the bad bugs... and a world with no misquotes.  While I'm dreaming, let's ask for a life where chocolate is not fattening.

Recently on a weekday morning, I was sitting in the hunter green Lazy Boy... reading Psalms 91 and glancing out the windows of the French doors once in awhile amazed at the scene.  In mid-July, there is an illusion of trees growing on rolling hills rather than the very small rise in the terrain where our house is located.

I know the land around me is made up of forests and clearings, cornfields and farms, a ranch or two with regal horses... and the occasional goats and pigs and other animals one finds in the country.  But one can almost smell mountain air in the summer, looking out the windows and over the deck.

It was the combination, actually, which filled my thoughts... the illusion of living in another land while reading the promise of protection in life's stormy journey.  Thinking how lost one can feel in this world... as the demands of everyday living cause us to go through life in such a rush of doing rather than being... that we could look back and realize we have lost our way in the midst of all of it.

It is not only the rush of this life which can pull me off of Due North... but that which I wrote about earlier this week... the quest every human has for their idea of perfection.  At times a sign post shows up on the journey, one promising my greatest desires... flashy in letters of gold or masquerading in simple vintage style... but both placed by an enemy of my soul to distract me from that which is the real journey.

I sent up a prayer that I didn't get lost... that He keeps me going in the direction of Due North... the Word is my compass which points the way... the world pulls me into every direction but North. 

As I walk the journey on the way to the City whose Architect and Builder is God (think Hebrews 11)... I pray the distractions do not win over the real path.


Vee said...

How you keep reading my mind and then writing so eloquently about it. Ha!

I haven't experienced my own illness...that day will come soon enough, I'm sure...but dealing with the two older ladies in the family who have been ill has left me trying to accomplish a very great deal in the short time I have while one is in respite care. So many, as you say, "gottado's" and the cats have fleas and my vaccum cleaner is broken. Ackkk... One thing right after another this life is.

Smiled to think of you imagining mountain air while looking out your door. My imagination works overtime, but I haven't gotten that good!

Due's a concept that I'll be pondering awhile.

Have a great day being...

Diane said...

I love how you put this thought into such eloquent are an amazing writer. Oh how we all need to remember to stay on the path.
We don't have fleas. We poisened our yard this year! We live in tickville ok so I thought we could die of tick fever or from the poison we now have in our soil......which is worse?
Hope you are feeling better everyday.

Suze said...

You know - I'm thinking that your best writing would make a beautiful inspirational book. I'd buy a copy in a heartbeat.

I know just what you mean - I'm always trying to restore order from chaos - and chaos takes over right behind me again. There's the bushes in the back yard and the vines that have to be trimmed constantly or they will overpower one another. There is the cat litter that - with 4 cats - is all over the floor no matter how many times I sweep or vacuum.

Anonymous said...

Well put, Brenda...not getting lost on the way. It is so easy to distract us from our path with all the happenings of life. Especially the difficult ones (people that is)!
BLessings, Elizabeth
(another one longing for the mountains while meanwhile living in an almost constant sauna...and BUGS TOO!!)

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted a day that I could spend lying in the shade amidst a beautiful English garden, sipping fresh lemonade, the temperature perfect, slight breeze, reading, reading.....I get these ideas from reading Victoria magazine! I even imagine myself young again (40?), slim, dressed in a romantic, flowing, white gown (well, why not!).

Friend Debra