Sunday, July 04, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Tea

From one man he made every nation of men, 
that they should inhabit the whole earth; 
and he determined the times set for them 
and the exact places where they should live.  
Acts 17:26

I love the month of July.  Perhaps it is because it is my birthday month and from childhood it was magical to me (Narnia magic).  July also holds the celebrations of the 4th, fireworks at the park, memories of days by the Lake (Michigan), small town parades, trips to my favorite small amusement park on another lake, and the 4-H Fair.  Oh, yes... and one must always check to see if the corn was "knee high by the 4th of July".

July is the month of patriotism in the USA.  I believe in patriotism, whether as an American or Canadian (Happy belated Canada Day!), or whatever country in which one finds themselves planted by God.  Isn't it fun to watch the Olympics or the soccer games and see the sense of national pride when a team wins?  Well, in most cases... my son is backing "the mother country" and it is not the USA but Germany (I have a very German maiden name).  It must have risen at the top of his DNA.  :)

I am unabashedly proud to be an American for I know the real History of America and not what has been rewritten in public school textbooks.  America was founded on Christian principles by both Christians and moral men and women who were not followers of Christ but believed in the same values.

This nation was a miracle of God.  How in the world could a tiny colony win independence from the greatest nation on the face of the earth at that time if not by God's hand?

America has helped feed the world, send out the Gospel of Christ, support the nation of Israel in its' rebirth and existence, supplied men to help win world wars, explore space and the oceans, and been a leader in the development of new technology.

Which is why I am heartsick at what my nation is becoming now.  I no longer recognize it as the America of my youth.  Oh, I know... it has never been perfect.  No nation has ever been perfect just as no man can claim being perfect except the Nazarene who died and rose again over 2,000 years ago.  No... America was not perfect... but America was good. 

I grew up in a family which did not attend church or have any kind of a real relationship with Christ but even in my family Christian values were the center of what was right and wrong.  I just recently caught an episode of (of all things) The Beverly Hillbillies and when I saw which one it was, I called my husband to come into the room and watch the last few minutes (I remembered the ending).  For there... on a sitcom from the 1960s.... Jed was asked to "say grace" over their Thanksgiving dinner and he prayed to the Lord.

I am asked every once in awhile if it was really so different than it is now.  I tell the young person to watch the old TV shows and read the old books for little glimpses here and there of how this country had morals and virtue.  Still a sinful people but there was a moral anchor which continued from the great revivals of the 1700s, from one generation to another.

So... what am I going to do about it?  Well, my political days were long ago and while I believe it is important for people of faith to be involved... I also saw that getting moral people in office did not change the land (unfortunately, there were times it changed the candidate).  Instead I have decided to do what the Word commands us to do and I have not... I have begun daily spending time in prayer for this country and the leaders (as well as "The Peace of Jerusalem"). 

I pray for another Great Awakening for only in a real relationship with Christ can this country and its' people have peace.  I ask on this birthday of America that all of us who call Him Lord of our life spend time in prayer each day for our individual countries whether we be American, Canadian, Mexican, Israeli, Russian, Asian, European, Australian, South American, from New Zealand or the South Pole... or live on a tiny island which does not show up on any globe.

No matter what we see happening in our various countries, God is still on the throne and He is in control.  Perfect love casts out fear... and His love is perfect.   Instead of fearing what is happening in the world... let us be people of faith and draw closer to the One Who Created Us... and teach our children to do the same.


Cindy said...

Thank you for the words you wrote today. They are filled with wisdom and are timely for the days in which we as Christians are living. May your 4th be filled with joy and love.

GrammaGrits said...

How true your words today. Our oldest is 36 today, and it is fun having a 4th of July birthday to celebrate. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Amen, Brenda! I join you in praying for our great nation.


Suze said...

As usual, you've said it so completely and so well. Our church service today was about praying for this country which is in deep trouble. It's amazing how many people sense the malaise, feel the anxiety about the whole general state of things. Prayer is the answer. It is such an "aha" moment to read your post today and match it with the message I heard at church - one and the same message.

freetobeme - Anita said...

Amen and amen.

Anonymous said...

Amen to what you said here, Brenda!

HE is all we have, the only real anchor. Life holds so many many unexpected things. HE NEVER CHANGES!!

Anonymous said...

I heard, I believe it was Charles Stanley this morning asking all to please pray each day for the country. He too believes it is moving in the wrong direction. He too believes prayer is the answer. I do too. We can do many things too, but God is still on the throan and He still hears our prayers. As a nation we all need to pray daily earnestly for our country and leaders as well as we do for family and friends and situations. We find time to talk about our concerns and fears for our we know we have time to pray also for Him to change these factors and have mercy on our nation. We need to fall on our knees and ask forgiveness. I too know how we used to be and it is hard to believe but some young people cannot even remember how we used to be different. I tear up easily over this beautiful country and never imagined this wonderful country would have leaders who tell other leaders how bad we are etc. Who don't seem proud of all American has ment and done for the world. Of our history or its founders. We have never been perfect but we strived to do right. Leaders who want to change our very nature, to turn us little by little into the countries that we so despised during the Cold War. Are we living now in a paralel universe and the real America is out there someplace ?...some days I actually wonder. Beth

Anonymous said...

Yes I checked and it was Charles Stanley of In Touch Ministries who preached this morning about this natioin and praying for it. I went on his sight and he had a place where I believe you could even listen to what he said. This nation is in a slide and shifting and I do not feel good about it. God though, Never changes. Sarah

carla said...

How refreshing to read about the goodness of patriotism without sneering and sarcasm (the usual fare of the media).

My children (34 & 29) don't believe that our country and culture were ever different. I don't think I would ever have believed that it would turn out to be this different. But it is.

As you and some of your commenters have said, we do need a call to repentance and prayer. If the church (the body of Christ) had not become so much like the world, then maybe the outcome would've been better.