Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Read For the Heart; Whole Books for Wholehearted Families, a review

While I knew Sarah was writing this book as she would mention it on her blog, it was in a conversation with my own daughter that my interest in reading it was peaked.  Stephanie was reading through it in a rare evening of being alone in a hotel room (on her way home from attending one of the Clarkson's Wholehearted Mothers Conferences).

"The first chapter will bring tears to your eyes," is what I was told that evening on the phone.  Now... that is not what I would expect from a "book about books".  However, when I did read it she was quite right for Sarah is not only a writer who can compile a great list of books... Sarah is a great writer.  Her story of growing up in a bookish family reflected so much that of myself and my own children... I remembered why I originally came to love this family (albeit her mother's books which first caused me to "read to know I am not alone").

There are many "books about books" but one can always recognize when they are written by an author who loves books.  I don't mean one who just enjoys reading but one who loves the look and feel and everything about books... and not just the content. 

The index will give a description of what to expect including why we read, chapters devoted to types of books (fiction, poetry, history, picture books, art, nature, etc.), chapters listing Caldecott medalists, Newberry medalists, Henty books, Landmark books, and Trailblazer series titles.

This book is not just a compilation of lists but much of the book is broken down by author, giving an indepth review of at least one of their most famous books.  Sarah also includes a list of her own favorites.

I highly recommend this book for families who bring home books for their children... whether through purchasing them or tucking this book in your basket when going to the library.  Any homeschooling family using whole books (as in the Charlotte Mason style) will find this book invaluable.

You can take a look at the inside of this book at Amazon... here.

It is also available directly from the Wholehearted website... here.

Disclosure:  I was given this copy of Read For the Heart and I think Sarah Clarkson is one of the sweetest and most gifted young women I know.  :)


wayside wanderer said...

The Whole Hearted Child was the first book I read after I decided to homeschool that really helped me form a vision of what I wanted our learning to look like. I am excited to hear about this new book!

Virginia Knowles said...

Brenda, I love Sarah Clarkson's book too! I reviewed it a few months ago at

Virginia Knowles

Heather L. said...

I especially loved the opening descriptions from Sarah's life and interactions with books.

Suze said...

Because of your recommendation I'm reading Elizabeth Goudge and LOVING her writing. Right now it's "The Bird int he Tree". Her characters have the same intense emotions that I do! What you say is so true - I read to know I'm not alone. Evidently Elizabeth Goudge knew what it was like to feel intensely herself.

Acacia said...

Wow...looks like a great book! I'll definetly reccomend her to my mom, (a fan of Sally Clarkson!!)
I have one of Sarah Clarkson's books, (Journeys of Faithfulness), and really like it. What a gifted young women of God Sarah is. :D)
In Christ,

Brenda Leyland said...

I haven't heard of her before, so THANK YOU for giving such a beautiful introduction to Sarah and her love of books.

I'll have to go look now.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Thanks for the review Brenda!

I am a fan of Sally's too. I love to know that I am not alone on this journey of home educating with a purpose. I love her phrase "wholehearted"...I see so many now who are home educating for academics alone and their children are not the better for it....

sally Clarkson said...

Of course I think this is a wonderful book and so appreciate you giving it such a good review. You and I both had our souls shaped by reading these great books to our children. Let me know of any good books your reading lately. Bless you!

Kelly said...

This sounds like a book I will need to get a hold of. I am an avid book lover, as are my boys. Thank you for sharing.