Thursday, June 10, 2010

A funny thing happened when I lived in Detroit

Hi, friends.  Super tired here... was not able to sleep well due to congestion and that swollen ear (talk to me from my right side if you want a response).  Another reason... we were up somewhat late watching a hockey game.

Yes, you heard me.  A hockey game.  Actually, the lateness of the hour was from watching after game hoopla.  In case you have not heard, yet... Chicago won the the Stanley Cup last night in a last moment "did it or did it not make it" goal.  It made it.

I did not grow up watching hockey.  All I knew about it was there was fighting and the players were often missing teeth.  That all changed during our stay in Detroit.  Hubby traveled a great deal so our car tended to be at Detroit International more than at our house.  Which was not bad as urban living does allow for a multitude of stores and restaurants within walking distance.

What we did not do, however, was go out after dark... even if we were in a suburb... it was still Detroit.  So, Christopher and I watched more TV than normal and (as anyone knows who lives in that area)... that means hockey is shown on the local stations.  This happened to be during a season when Detroit won the Stanley Cup so it was a looong season.

That old adage, "if you can't beat them join them" became true as I watched game after game with my son, who was quickly becoming a fan.  He had been an awesome street hockey player "back home".  I never came to understand the game completely but I learned enough to enjoy it.

So... when the Chicago Blackhawks became a real team again (and we are a Chicago sports family here), I would tune in once in awhile.  Then the playoffs came along and what started as mild curiosity became an obsession.  Christopher would get together with his friends to watch the game on a "real" TV (you know... big and flat screened).  I watched it on the old Sony in the living room where the antennae allows us to pick up the major local stations with hubby peeking at the score now and then (he loves Chicago sports but never got into hockey... probably the only sport besides trout fishing he does not follow).

I believe as a woman, my favorite part of the series was after Chicago had won and there were all the interviews with the guys and their families... hockey made personal.  It takes a lot of determination to be an athlete.  Lots and lots of days with Mom driving the little guys to the practices at age six and seven and twelve and fifteen... until they can drive on their own.  There are usually great stories behind every athlete who makes it to that level of play.

Last night, hubby began to realize what Christopher had long ago determined... to be a great hockey player (at least on the Chicago team)... it helps to have a red beard.  He would not grow a beard because his was flaming red (with brown hair... go figure).  I think there's some red in Christopher's beard.  Both having ancestors who were Vikings.  Maybe I should have encouraged that street hockey more. 

Anyway, congratulations Chicago.  You overcame a lot of adversity to win the Stanley Cup.  That makes the best story.


Bonnie said...

Dear Brenda,
I am so happy that you are posting again! There must be something to do for that congested ear! Drops, heat, etc..? I am sure that you have tried many remedies. What about a decongestant? I pray that it will clear soon.
I enjoyed the story about the elderly gentleman. There are so many unsung "saints". He reminds me of my grandfather.
Such a beautiful garden. I am going to have one some day. I am just thinking that it will not be in Florida - too hot!
I know nothing of hockey, although I did attend a game once in Cologne, Germany. My favorite game is soccer and our family is so excited that the World Cup begins tommorow! Will you be watching? Bonnie

jules said...

I, too, watched the game last night. When it went into overtime, I didn't realize it was SUDDEN DEATH overtime! I thought they'd have an entire quarter to finish. I missed the winning goal. Fortunately, the replays went on and on as the officials determined if it was in fact a goal. The other team had such stunned looks on their faces. Even they couldn't believe it was over just-like-that! Good for them, waiting so patiently as Chicago celebrated their victory, for the final handshakes. Class acts. Yippee Blackhawks!

Vee said...

You BlackHawks fans are certainly devoted. Yes, behind every successful man is a good carpooling mom. Christopher is one of those even if he isn't a hockey player.