Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Tea

Calm... after a week of pondering stress relief, I should be calm. 

I am a little, a lot considering this past week.  Give me just a moment, though... one tiny itty bitty opportunity to knock my forehead against the wall.  

Cough, cough... I have a sore throat and a fuzzy head because we have had so much soggy weather (which also is playing havoc with my container garden on the deck).   Knocking my head on the wall as I cough...  There, I feel better now.

So, what have I been pondering?  At the moment I am thinking of the word bliss (a favorite word of my favorite magazine, Victoria).   There are gorgeous deep red cardinals sitting on a small tree in my backyard, partially blocked by the deck but their red cardinal brilliance peeking through the equally red geraniums on the deck.  Such are the things of bliss...

I was reminded of a post begun long ago and left in draft form all these months.  I had begun a list of those things I love (my bliss) but never went back to finish it.  The birds and the flowers brought the list back to me so I thought I'd share it today... a good thing to think of what we love after such a week.

Below is only a partial list, one typed out months ago just off "the top of my head".   My bliss...
  • My family
  • My furry family... past and present
  • Friends... so many who live far away
  • The aroma of coffee first thing in the morning
  • Tea steeping in the teapot with a tray all set for "taking tea"
  • All kinds of tea...
  • Especially decaf Candy Cane Lane tea in the evening, and
  • Lipton Bedtime herbal tea before... umm... bedtime
  • Cinnamon Rolls with coffee
  • Starbucks Pumpkin Spice lattees
  • Whole wheat pancakes and sausage for dinner on blustery days
  • Cheeseburgers at Five Guys
  • Lindt milk chocolate truffles, a small bite of Heaven
  • Casablanca when watched on a rainy day with those I love
  • Any British flick watched with my daughter
  • Vintage Sci-fi TV with my son
  • British comedies while taking tea
  • British mysteries while taking tea
  • Laughing at my husband laughing watching Cool Runnings or For Richer or Poorer
  • John Denver music
  • Rich Mullins lyrics
  • Celtic Women (the Irish singers)
  • Dulcimer music
  • All Christmas music
  • Farmer's market on an autumnal morning
  • Making soup in the winter
  • Great bread with equally great cheese
  • Pizza... definitely pizza
  • Breakfast at Cracker Barrel
  • Sunday buffet at a fancy restaurant (long, long ago but the memory lingers)
  • Quaint Michigan towns on Saturday mornings (equally long ago)
  • Lancaster, Pennsylvania with the family
  • A morning at the Brimfield flea market with Stephanie
  • A Sunday evening drive with Sally, Stephanie, and Elisabeth on an autumn evening... a light snow falling on leaves of red, bronze, gold, and green
  • Finding beautiful tea cups for very little money
  • Finding English china for very little money
  • Old books (need I say more)
  • A new book anticipated by a favorite author
  • The smell of a new leather Bible
  • Re-reading favorite literature
  • Reading on rainy days
  • Aprons
  • Amish children
  • Vintage kitchens 
  • A mist in the forest on a summer's morning
  • Autumn leaves and pumpkins
  • The first crocus and daffodils of spring
  • Peonies blooming on country roads
  • Cornfields on country roads
  • Red barns
  • Chickens and roosters and baby pigs
  • Victoria's furry face looking out the window as I return home
Sigh... this is just the beginning of my list, I could add to it for years.  I would love to hear your favorite bliss.  :)


Jan said...

Excellent list.
Take deep breaths for the stress.

Suze said...

How is Victoria? Has Stephanie had the baby yet?

Dolly said...

Stress Be Gone!!!!!

I have 3 amish grandbabies {our good friends' children..we have adopted as our grandbabies} They bring me total BLISS!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

Anonymous said...

Wow, great list!!

We got to do one of mine this last week...a little trip up to the mountains, cooler air, and lovely scenery, driving around just looking and enjoying!!

And of course, my family and my lovely grandchildren. My daughter-in-law told me this last week that the middle one had been saying: "I am sick, just LOVE sick, for Nana and Papa." We got LOTS of hugs and kisses from them Tuesday...lovely and the best of the "list"!

Mrs.Rabe said...

My Bliss,

My Family, my first grandchild - due June 10th, my home, reading, sewing, a cabin in the woods, a day at the ocean, dinner out, a road trip with my husband, Longwood Gardens, my cottage garden, my tea things, having a tea party...

These are just a sampling...btw I love Victoria magazine too!

Auntea said...

We share alot of "bliss"ful moments. A pretty tea set on a tray, my lilacs or peonies subjected to my nose buried in them breathing in their perfume, unexpected long hugs, a finished project (most recently my daughter's quilt), the cat curled up beside me, looking around my church & thinking how blessed I am to have so many people I genuinely love, a husband of 28 years.

Anonymous said...

Not too long ago I wrote a bliss blog post - top of my list was steaming mug of coffee with a dollop of whipped cream, (fresh from the oven) slice of pumpkin pie, sitting next to my girls watching Anne of Green Gables. What a lovely afternoon that was! I hardly ever comment but I adore your blog! Sunshine

matty said...

My bliss: Every Day Given To Me.

Hope you are feeling better soon! Here's hoping there is no rain in your forecast for the week!



Anonymous said...

First time I've posted, but I have been reading your blog for a long time now. I think we might have lots in common - especially books.

I just want to share that some time ago I began a list like your "bliss" list. I keep the list in one of those blank books and now have over 800 entries. So much bliss in my life and I still think of more things to add to the book. Even taking the book down and reading my list is a joy. Bliss indeed!

carla said...

Such a good idea that Anonymous left (writing her Bliss list in a boo). Think I'll borrow it. And maybe post about my own list later.

Knowing that Jesus is my friend, as well as my Savior,

My family,

Thinking about Mingo School, community and friends,

Lunch at SimpliciTeas, with that wonderful orange cream cake,

Working on paper crafts,

Reading Miss Read and Agatha Christie,

Playing with our Beagle,

Petting one of our cats,

A cup of cocoa, a quilt and a book on a rainy day,

Looking at the stars at night,

Wildflowers in our yard and pasture.

Thanks, Brenda for reminding us.

Becky said...

My bliss: Dinner with my family, evening walks with my husband, family bike rides, Crown Hill Park through the seasons.