Friday, May 14, 2010

The sun is shining!

Perhaps that is why I am feeling better today?  Although I went out to the garden this morning to see if there was any wind damage from storms and found... not wind damage but... weeds.  Something like a gajillion tiny weeds. I know what garden chore will be accomplished today.  Must find my favorite hoe!

The above picture is one of my "reuse" projects.  The basket perfectly fit the space on my porch shelving unit but after three summers, the silk geraniums it contained were not in good shape.  I've been on the lookout for cheap (but good looking) silk geraniums with no success.  One day I was looking at the silk flowers in one of my teapots and realized... EUREKA!  They would be perfect for that basket.  I love the way they turned out and the porch has a lovely "new" flower for no cost.

I'm less stressed even though the circumstances have not dramatically changed.  The bank has agreed to get rid of half the overdraft charges.  We thought that was fair.  We had enough money left to put our car in the shop to get the brakes fixed... a good thing.  It is rather disconcerting to know you are driving a car whose brakes need fixed eventually.  When does eventually kick in?

On the way home from dropping it off with our mechanic, we stopped by the library for my husband to find a new book to read.  On the New Fiction shelf was one of those apocalyptic Christian novels I enjoy reading (hmmm... is that a sign of any character or personality defect?).  Although I am thoroughly enjoying the Ravi Zacharias autobiography, I'll add the library fiction book for some needed mindless reading.

I do need to get outside soon but I must share something that happened yesterday.  The winds had blown the cover off of our grill.  I had noticed it that night on the deck but figured it would be fine where it is.  In the morning, I saw it had been blown out to the lawn so I rescued it and went to put it on the grill when I realized (gulp) it was covered with big spiders.  AAACK!

Now, I do not have arachnophobia like my son, but a multitude of large, creepy spiders is not what I want to see as I'm stretching out all that vinyl to put over the grill.  I immediately thought of Stargate-SG1 and the replicators which destroyed everything in their path (metallic spider like creatures).  Shiver... next time I will go out in the dark and rescue the cover... or maybe not.


Terra said...

Your silk flowers look like the real deal to me. I looked carefully and decided they are roses, before reading your post and learning they are silk.
I'll bet that the spiders will be gone when you look again.

freetobeme - Anita said...

I think...maybe not...!

Vee said...

Oh, spiders! Ugh. I was showering this morning and found a tick. Double ugh. I nearly called John then decided to be a responsible, level-headed adult. Ha!

Yay that the bank took off some charges. That was good of them and I am glad that you are getting the brakes fixed. That's something that is absolute priority.

Enjoy that apocalyptic novel and I'll go back to my gentle one...DWatch. The first chapters are dragging; I think I recall your saying that they would.

Yes! The flowers are beautiful and had me completely fooled.

Carol said...


I wanted to make sure that you saw that with coupons Target is selling Seventh Generation dishwashing liquid for 69 cents this week.