Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A short delay in stress ponderings due to stress

It is ironic that in the midst of talking about stress, I had... more stress.

Christopher was working out at the gym yesterday when he had chess pains and couldn't breath.  He was taken by ambulance to the hospital.  Since he called us when the EMTs were working on him, we were not too concerned but still rushed to to the emergency room.  It was not where I planned to spend my evening.  :)

Some may remember he had to see a heart specialist a couple of years ago in the "City" to make certain a slight heart murmer was nothing to be concerned about (it wasn't).  That came to mind on the way to the hospital.  Thankfully, his heart and lungs were fine and all tests were normal except some kind of liver numbers.  It could be his gall bladder, of all things.  I had to have my gall bladder removed in my 20s.  He will follow up with our family doctor.  He is to stay away from grease, which is one of the four food groups for twenty year old guys.

Then when checking e-mails last night, a sweet blog friend let me know there was p*o*rn comments on the recipe site.  When I checked, there were not just a few but dozens and dozens.  It took me over an hour to remove all of them.  Normal comments on that blog are sent to me by e-mail but apparently, these do not.  I now have comment moderation and word verification set up on it.

I get a lot of that stuff on this blog but it is caught by comment moderation.  These people are sneaky and I've learned some comments that appear legit at first are not.  I may delete a real comment once in awhile but it is necessary to keep you all from clicking on someplace you would rather not go.

Thankfully, I had vegged out with my friend, Lynda, at Chick-fil-A for a couple of hours yesterday morning just chatting.  She made me an offer I could not refuse... coffee, a chicken biscuit, and conversation.  Then I spent a couple hours with Bonnie, who also makes me laugh.  While there, she had to call our sister Jean in Florida and tell her about the dream I had of the three of us the night before... more laughter.  So, I guess if one is ever prepared for an evening in the emergency room, it was yesterday. 

You have never seen two sisters more different than those two.  Jean is the oldest and quite serious most of the time.  Bonnie is (God love her) on the loopy side.  Both are good for me.  Neither know how to use a computer so I can talk about them.  :)

On a more pleasant note, a simple obituary was put in the paper for my family member.  I don't know if it was his siblings or his wife (married a few years ago) that finally filled out the information and found an old military picture but I am glad something was in the paper.  Should any childhood friends see it, they know where his memorial service will be held.

We always thought it so funny that Mom read the obituaries every day.  We would ask her if she was checking to see if she was alive each morning.  I must admit, it is not the obituaries that take up half a page that I admire but I also love those which you can tell were given with love (like those who say she made the best pies or he loved fishing).

I have no comments on this post because I know you all.  You will be sending well wishes to Christopher and I will spend the morning with comment moderation instead of writing.  :)

ADDED NOTE:  Of course, I still love comments on all other posts.