Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just a quick brag

Christopher called close to midnight last night.  He was watching a movie with close friends before one of them leaves (today) for a summer internship.  I was quite surprised when the phone rang as I'd told him I would be going to bed when a favorite British comedy was over (PBS).

He couldn't wait to share the news.  His grades were posted and he had received all "A's" except the one "I" (Incomplete) in math.  What a great relief.  He was still quite sick when he took his Saturday final (8:00 in the morning!) and he didn't do very well.  This was in his major, too.  Thankfully, he had done well enough the rest of the year that he still made an "A".  All those late nights of studying has paid off.

He had thought of taking the Calculus class over this summer, anyway, since he felt he didn't understand it completely (this was the same course that his dad had to take twice in college!).  Being on his back in the clinic on the same day of the final made that decision easy.

I took advice from the comments and applied a hot compress (just a clean wash rag with really hot tap water) a couple of times on the infected scratch.  I had tea tree oil so it was rubbed over the scratch while warm.  I'm also using the antibiotic ointment.  When the doctor asked if I had antibiotic ointment, I told him I have a son who is quite active... such ointment has been a priority since he was a child.  :)

Anyway, it looked a lot better today.  Of course, I still have to take all the antibiotics... that whole diabetes thing and infections.

I'll be back later with the pantry post.  My friend, Kimberly, left an excellent comment in yesterday's post.  Her comment made me realize I should actually plan Pantry Hints & Pic(k)s, including simple do's and don'ts of what I have learned through the years.  See... you knew I'd include some kind of prose.  :)

Believe it or not, I'm not all that talkative in real life.  My husband is the chatty one of the family.  I have chatty fingers on the computer.


Karen June Miller said...

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Thanks for your comments and for dropping by! Have a wonderful day!


Catsngrams said...

Congrats to the son. What an accomplishment. Glad your scratch is getting better. Take care.

matty said...

I like your idea! Glad the arm is better! You CANNOT mess with infection as a diabetic! It never ends well, you know!

It has warmed to a delicious 66-degrees here. Overcast, a little breezy, full of pollen! Ick! BUT, the bees are very happy and when they are happy, we are happy!

Enjoy this lovely day we're blessed with!


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

I'm so happy for Christopher. That is not bragging. We are like family and you are just stating the facts. I love to hear such positive info. He's worked hard and this is wonderful!

Anonymous said...


Bernideen said...

Congrats are definite in order! There is a lot to be said here for working while the sun is shining and working while it storms!

Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

Yeah for Christopher, for the grades AND for thinking to call his mom!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Great job, Christopher!

I am really looking forward to your Pantry Pic(k)s!

I had to chuckle about your "chatty fingers!" :)

Becky said...

Congrats to Christopher! Glad your scratch is better. Blessings to you and yours!