Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Heat, Edith, and Jewels

Late July

We went directly from winter to summer, or so it seems.  The daffodils are not loving the 80+ degree days and one of our azalea bushes has bloomed... remarkable at this time of spring.   A cold front is pushing through as I write (with a 50 degree drop in temperature from yesterday to tonight) bringing with it the possibility of severe weather but also a return to spring proper.

A recent walk down the short gravel lane to the mailbox caused my heart to sing, reminding me not just a little of Narnia after Aslan's return and the winter was losing hold of the Narnia universe.  The forest this time of year is much different than the same forest in August.  Most trees are pencil thin but what they lack in width, they make up in sheer number.  In early April, it is quite easy to see through the trees to the other houses interspersed in man made clearings... not so in August.

The tall trees are just beginning to show tiny buds (which, I'm sure, will pop soon with the record breaking heat) but the smaller bushes and the brush on the floor of the forest are now various shades of lime green or violet or soft yellow... Easter colors.

This same stretch of forest becomes thick and dense as spring turns into summer (when heat is expected).  It is at that time that a walk to the mailbox gives one the sense that Bigfoot is staring out from the trees and if you have read my ponderings long enough, you will know all about that Bigfoot paranoia.  It doesn't matter that the only big footprints to be found on our property belong to my 6'2" husband... the creepy darkness of the forest can easily spark my imagination.

Perhaps that is why I have never liked the darkness or things that go bump in the night... an overactive imagination.  I never, ever walk down the lane at night but a walk from the car to the front porch in the dark is inescapable at times... or should I say run?  Anyway, I digress... the forest is also dense with new life right now... life that causes me to pause in my walk to listen and look... rather than breaking into a run.

I'm already feeling better, giving hope that this cold will be mild.  A stack of magazines both old and new (but mostly brought home from the free table at the library) are stacked on the coffee table, along with a few books.  On my last library visit, I found A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg on the New Nonfiction shelf.  Molly is well known for her cooking blog, Orangette.  I plan to peruse it today to see if it is worth reading or another book to be returned quickly to the library shelves.

After a quick pre-reading appraisal of Wizenberg's book, I may start reading it today (or return it to the library should it be a disappointment).  I plan to begin rereading With love, Edith: The L'Abri family letters next which is the first of her two books containing their ministry letters.  Do not let the thought of reading ministry letters keep you from this book... it reads like a novel.

I highly recommend this book and the sequel, Dear family: The L'Abri family letters, 1961-1986 to anyone who enjoys Edith Schaeffer's books.

Edith has written many good books other than her two most famous for today's homemakers... The Hidden Art of Homemaking and What is a Family?.  If you are not quite ready to read their full story in The Tapestry: The Life and Times of Francis and Edith Schaeffer, then the smaller book L'Abri is both enjoyable to read and gives the highlights of their life leading up to and including the the start of L'Abri.

There are many more besides these and all of them really, really good.  Although, Edith's books are rather infamous for having a slow start for some people... just keep reading, you will be glad you did.  :)

Photo stolen from Jewels' blog

Regarding Jewels... she is my all time favorite blogger and sweet friend who has not blogged for sometime now.  The last time I heard from her was in an e-mail telling me she planned to write a letter soon but that was before Christmas.  I will put pen to paper and actually send a real letter, hoping to find how she is doing.  I do know that they were experiencing difficulties with internet service where they now live (which is not immediately near any big towns).

If you have not read Jewel's blog called Eyes of Wonder, well... get comfortable and plan on perusing for awhile because it does not get (in my humble opinion) any more fun to read than this.  Jewel's family made a choice to live a more simpler lifestyle... which I am sure is not easy... or simple.  :)

No, Jewels and the West Ladies are not one and the same but they are good friends.  You can read about their visit to Jewels and her family... here.


Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

Enjoy your month of all things Edith! I'm so grateful for all of her wonderful books, and so glad they are meant to be read over and over and over again. I'm grateful, too, for friends like you who enjoy her books as much as I do.

I'm sure missing Jewels! When you write let her know a gal in California that she'll never meet in this lifetime misses checking in with her via her blog!

Simply Heart And Home said...

I do enjoy Edith Schaeffer. She has such wonderful wisdom. Thank you for sharing your journey with Edith with us.



Heather L. said...

I miss Jewels' blogging. It was her blog that got me started blogging and from her blog comments came to know you, and several other bloggers that i have kept up with ever since.

Manuela@TPOH said...

I too miss Jewels. I always felt so calm and refreshed after reading her posts.

I know what you mean about zipping into summer. I think we had spring for about a week. I already have daffodils that are done! The yellow pollen is thick and on everything!

The forest sounds beautiful this time of year!


Katy~The Country Blossom said...

Oh how I love reading Jewels' blog as well! Such a sweet heart she has, doesn't she? I really miss her posts and hope to see a new one, daily! You are blessed to have her snail mail then, yes? Lucky woman you are! :) I wish her blog came in a book form so I could snuggle up under a quilt and sit and drink in all her wonderful words! :)

I enjoy Edith Schaffer's books as well! AND...I totally understand about the whole Bigfoot paranoia...LOL..I can freak myself out quite easily about things! I am such a baby...but that's OK. :)

Raquel said...

Oh, Brenda! I just love Jewels - and I have some newsy type of thing to tell you. Aslaug - who was visiting, I keep up with her blog and she posted this . . . - not sure how to link but copy that into your browser and take a look. Her blog is Soli Deo Gloria if that does not work! Oh exciting!

Much love - Raquel XO