Friday, April 09, 2010

Errands and a little more Edith

I found myself battling traffic... automobile and student... this morning.  Have I mentioned how much I dislike driving on campus with 40,000+ students who have a rather odd view of their own mortality, appearing to think they can walk out in front of an automobile and... because they are in a group... not get hurt.  Sigh...

However, we needed to pick up the Buick which has been at our mechanic's garage since we realized it would cost too much to fix it right now. It is quite a sight as students are walking toward buildings in droves, a group of well educated lemmings all weary eyed and not quite prepared to meet the day.  But then again... neither was I until I counted out my change and stopped at McDonald's for coffee.

I stopped by our Kroger store on the way home for milk and eggs.  They are pretty good about clearancing some items early in the morning and as I looked around, I found a bag of romaine lettuce for 99 cents, a package of mushrooms for 99 cents, and a package of hamburger buns for 49 cents.  I felt a bit like I was on The Food Network's Chopped show (where the chef contestants are given an unusual group of ingredients to prepare).  :)

There was a large sign on their kosher food display, announcing everything 85% off now that Passover has been celebrated.  I'm not Jewish but I picked up two bottles of white sparkling grape juice and one red sparkling grape juice (89 cents each) and two boxes of potato pancake mix for about the same price.  Milk was on sale so it all added up to big savings. 

I dropped my husband at our mechanic's this afternoon, he drove the car home while I continued further to pick up a prescription.  Christopher's little car is fun to drive in town but I chose to stay off the highway with it... too many big trucks... little car.

For the first time since the world was covered with the colors of autumn, I took the long way home.  It is not a road I like to drive on covered with snow or ice but the remainder of the year... beautiful!  To travel along these county roads, passing farms getting ready for planting, horses enjoying newly grown grass, my favorite quaint country church... K-Love on the radio... it doesn't matter if it takes a little longer to reach my destination. :)

Let's see, I wanted to comment on a couple of comments...

Actually, Edith Schaeffer is still alive at age 95.  It was Francis Schaeffer who passed away in the 80's. I think she lives with her daughter, Priscilla.  The last Swiss L'Abri newsletter I received was in December but Edith was able to be there for Thanksgiving.  They have mentioned before that she can no longer get around very well.  I can't remember how I started getting their newsletters through e-mail (about four times a year) but I believe you can request receiving the e-mail newsletters by writing

No one had more influence in my life than the Schaeffer's.  When we married, our senior pastor was at L'Abri for the summer so we had to be married by the associate pastor.  My husband attended a different church but his pastor and church staff were also very influenced by Schaeffer.  How I thank God that we can be taught and mentored through books and tapes. 

Of course, there are no perfect people (hmmm... the title of a book they wrote, hehehe) but I'd much rather hear how imperfect people live the Christian life than all the books by those who put on a mask and pretend their lives are perfect.  I feel that is something Edith always did but with grace and being quite careful to protect the... ummm... innocent bystanders.  :)

Sigh, I know there was something else but it slipped my mind between sitting down to write and actually writing.   I need a nap or caffeine but it is too late for either.


Mary R. said...

I have always loved the Schaeffers.

Terra said...

You are reminding me to read more about and by the Schaeffers. The country road you drove on sounds so idyllic.

Mrs.Rabe said...

I get bored driving the same roads all the time, so I like to find new ways to get where I need to go. Many times, here in PA, these are the most lovely drives. Neat Amish farmhouses, pretty yards, laundry swinging from the high clothes lines...simple and beautiful.

Becky said...

Very much enjoyed this post and I so agree with you about imperfect people living the Christian life being a greater example.