Saturday, April 17, 2010

Early to rise, gardening, and Amazon

This was one of those rare days I didn't have to set an alarm clock and the thought of sleeping in was delicious.  However, at 6:00 this morning I started coughing again (brought about by weather changes) and by 6:30 there was no going back to sleep.  So... instead of sleeping I watched a couple cooking shows on The Food Network that I usually miss (like Nigella).  I do enjoy watching her.  :)

Actually, watching favorite cooking shows and sipping coffee with no place to go was just as delicious... perhaps more so... than sleeping in.  Once I was up and about.  I caught just a little of a farm show where the host was explaining how the odd weather has farmer's wondering if and when to plant... I feel their pain. 

The cold front went through yesterday... while it feels quite chilly, we're actually back to what it should feel like in April.  The rain moved in soon after I'd collected gardening gloves and seeds to work in the garden and remained part of the day.  Other then cutting some azaleas to brighten the house (which are too early, especially for last night's frost), gardening was put off until today.

To answer the question... yes, bloggers do get credit when you enter Amazon through their Amazon widget.  It doesn't cost you anything extra but the time it takes to go to the widget... and click.  You only have to click on one of the items (you need not purchase that item) and we receive credit for anything you buy... a tiny amount for third party purchases up to a very nice amount for groceries, clothing, electronics, etc. since they tend to cost more. 

The reports don't show who orders, just what has been ordered and the amount of credit received.  I send out a huge THANK YOU to anyone who has taken the time to use the widget and I have become better at going through my friend's blog when placing an order.

I once had my Amazon credit go up by $20.00 in one day (I check each day because I'm nosy that way) and it was a couple of electronics purchases.  That's more than my total for some months.  My credit is how I'm able to purchase some items I've been coveting (like the two Franklin Springs Homestead Blessings West Ladies DVDs). 

Sometimes I'll let small amount of credits build up for two or three months.  I like to stretch the credit by purchasing used whenever possible but I had to pay full price for these DVDs... and they are worth every penny!

A recent addition by Blogger is the ability to link directly from a title within the body of a post.  I decided to add that option as I tend to go to Amazon to check out more information about books, anyway.  That link gives a little credit should you purchase that book while at Amazon... but the main purpose is to make it easy to learn more about the book or video and check out the reviews.

I'm still reading and enjoying With Love, Edith.   It is so amazing to read these letters knowing the future and how famous L'Abri will become.  At this time, there is no thought of a ministry like L'Abri.  In my reading, they have now left Holland and are settled in their first town in Switzerland.  Their life is similar to any post WWII missionary family to Europe. 

I love "seeing" the beauty of this world through Edith's eyes and writings.  It has been very interesting to re-read how scarce food was in the various European countries after the war.  At one time this book was hard to find but now I'm seeing more inexpensive copies available used on Amazon.

Sigh... it is time to change out of the flannel housecoat and into "work clothes".  I've enjoyed a lazy morning... something we all need from time to time. My thoughts (and prayers) are constantly with Stephanie as they are packing for their move.  Praying all goes smoothly and they can get all moved in to the other house and unpacked (at least the important stuff) before the new baby girl arrives.

Picture: I wish I knew the title of this one!


Catsngrams said...

Thank you so much for the info about amazon I purchase there often so I am going to investigate further. Glad you had a wonderful morning.

Vee said...

Yes, I was going to sleep in this morning, too. But I awoke about six and saw falling snow. No hope of sleeping after that. :D

Glad that you had a much-deserved cozy morning. I was headed for a jammie day, but decided to get dressed and putter in the craft room...until I got sidetracked here.

scrappy quilter said...

Hope your day turned out as lovely as your morning sounded. Hugs

Terra said...

"With Love, Edith" sounds charming and somehow, important. I read about the Amazon info you provide here, kind of neat you can build up an account there to buy books.

Anonymous said...

Brenda, so glad you enjoyed your morning. I slept in until almost 9and was out planting new azalea bushes after lunch. Nice day, but needing rain badly here in NE Texas.
Enjoy your evening.

Susan said...

Good Morning, I enjoy your blog and didn't realize about the Amazon Widget giving you credit, until now.

So, I just placed an order - I was planning to anyway, and now I'm tickled that you will receive some credit for it.

Have a blessed Sunday -

Debbie said...

Good morning! I'm a new follower and am enjoying coffee with your quiet morning ponderings. Your blog is very nice. Please hop over and visit me if you find the time!
Have a great Sunday and week!

Mrs. Staggs said...

We are beginning to see the effect of the weather on some of the winter crops in our market and restaurants now. I've been re-reading the Barbara Kingsolver book on our food sources, eating locally, and in season, and thinking about redoing part of my garden so that I have room for a vegetable garden. My sister grows a big one, and she shares, which is lovely, but she does live further away.

Well, you know already, how important that I feel it is to take that quiet time and just sit with your own thoughts for awhile. I'm glad you have found that time. I enjoy Ina Garten's cooking show and her books from time to time. I especially appreciate the simplicity of her recipes.

I'm glad you are reaping rewards from your Amazon widget. I think it is a wonderful program. Full disclosure though...I do have family members who work for Amazon.