Friday, March 12, 2010

Nothing special today...

It is rather chilly and rainy and I want to take a nap.  However, napping around dinner time is not prudent.  Ask me how I know?  How many ways can we spell "wide awake" all night?  Instead of napping I thought I'd write... not a lot to write about but it is better than sleeping at the moment.

I did get out of the house late yesterday afternoon, in the midst of thunderstorms and commuters on their way home from work.  One really has a case of cabin fever to find the need to leave a warm and cozy home in those circumstances!  I really, really wanted a good salad for dinner and had none of the ingredients in the refrigerator.

I figured a trip to Goodwill was in order first... a good choice.  I found three vintage tablecloths, a red and white vintage potholder like I have hanging in my kitchen, a pretty baby quilt for the expected baby girl, and an Eloise Wilkins book... all for a little over $10.00.  I've learned to look for glimpses of red and/or yellow quickly (thus the vintage items for my kitchen and table) and I always peruse the picture books for the kids.  After stopping by and not finding much for weeks, this was a good visit. :)

Since it was almost time for the sun to slip below the horizon, I rushed through the grocery store for salad ingredients and ice cream (my dinner and treat for being home all alone) and cough syrup... arriving home just before the heavens opened and the thunder boomed... again.  :)

I was asked what the china pattern is called and it is a W. S. George company Radisson style called Regina.  I had to do a lot of research to find out Radisson was not the name of the piece but the shape.  Weird... they stamped the shape name and company name on the back.  Regina appears to be quite rare so it was most likely one of their very earliest pieces (perhaps 1920s at the latest). 

My research explained the unusual feel of these dishes as the are not stoneware and not pure porcelain but a partial porcelain.  They are slightly heavier than my English china or my Noritake wedding china but still feel quite elegant.

Oh, I loved the comment about filling out FAFSA forms for the college bound student while your baby was napping.  I had one child starting college the same day the other started kindergarten.. I say the timing was God's sense of humor.  :)

I chatted with Steph a couple times to keep her awake on her nine hour drive and was relieved to receive a text this evening that she was safe and sound with the Clarksons.  Sigh... sounds like lots of fun. In the meantime, I'm staying inside where it is nice and dry.  Here's hoping the early spring-late winter rains turn to sunshine again. 


Vee said...

Perfect supper! Mine was paska. ;> That was a great haul...hope that we'll get to see your vintage tablecloths some fine day. Take it easy now and enjoy this rare and special time. Good to know that Steph is safely with her friends. She is a brave one that gal!

Anonymous said...

At least the rain isn't snow! I am in the midst of reading "The Scent of Water" by E. Goudge and am loving it! A dream come true would be to inherit an old home in a small English village.

Friend Debra

Cathy said...

uh, where are the pictures of your beautiful finds? I am blessed to have two grandchildren visiting this weekend. They are still sleeping this morning, but...when they wake and after breakfast we are off to Goodwill to look for tresures. They are 12 and 14 a boy and a girl and they are learning the value to thrift. I loved the pictures of your MIL's china. I have never see the pattern before and it is lovely. Have a wonderful day.