Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Memories of summers past

I think I overdid it a tad yesterday.  The only thing I could accomplish today was to put together a sausage lentil soup for tonight's dinner.  That seemingly a good idea for two reasons... one, I knew I wasn't feeling well so having dinner made ahead of time would be a good thing and... two, I happened to notice the canister of lentils and that I had half a pound of sausage left over in the same two minute span of time.

I did manage to finish Miss Buncle Married and I'm getting ready to read Mrs. Tim Christie.  Laying on the sofa with a fluffy pillow, a soft throw freshly washed, and a good book is a hard job but somebody has to do it.

Christopher called last night to let me know his Calculus test had not gone well (not a really smart idea for a professor to give a mid-term exam two days after spring break...).  He was coming straight home to mope (he didn't say that mind you).  Fortunately, I had made a favorite crock pot beef dish (a thick round steak we had been given slow cooked all day with two cans of cream of mushroom soup... no water added... served over brown rice) which warmed up nicely for a healthy dinner.

Then he asked if he gave me the money, I could go to the grocery store for a bag of potato chips and a box of Little Debbie cakes.  Hubby looked appalled but I understood as only a fellow carb addict could... thus the trip to the grocery store at sunset.  Sometimes only junk food can quell the solemn spirit of a test gone bad.

Even given the not-so-pleasant circumstances, it was nice having him at home last night.  Studying late will resume tonight.  Once he downed a little dinner, potato chips, and a couple Little Debbie Easter Basket cakes, he joined me in the living room to sit in the wingback chair and chat. 

Kind of the college age equivalent of when they are toddlers and have a fever and are forced to stay still for awhile... take advantage of the mood and enjoy chatting together while one watched Abbie make a guest appearance on NCIS Los Angeles.  A good evening...

Pictures:  My deck and backyard last summer... to give you something nice to look at while I ramble on.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Lovely photos...

About the only shows I watch on regular tv are the NCIS ones. I missed them this week. Will have to catch Abbie in reruns for this one!

Cathy said...

I so enjoyed looking at your beautiful grass and flowers. I also enjoyed hearing about Christopher. It reminded me of the time my Senior stayed home from school one day. I found out he and his girlfriend had broken up. Then we baked a pineapple upside down cake! Sometimes you just need your mother! Both of the meals you mentioned sound delish. Take care.

matty said...

I feel summer when I look at your garden and deck! Surely it will be here soon?

Tell C not to worry; mid-term is only a bit of the grade. And, usually if I felt bad about a test, I did better than I thought! :)

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Don't you love a clean throw with no cat hair on it? So glad you are back with daily posts.

Friend Debra

Heather said...

Oh oh oh! I used to 'drown my sorrows' in empty carbs too - usually homemade cookies, but now my liver and I can only handle so much 'junk' on top of stress! If the whole clas did badly perhaps there will be opportunity to improve the grade - one can hope!

I love your garden pictures! I am so ready for my summer garden! I did plant lettuce today because it thrives in cool weather and I will get my peas in before Good Friday too - that's if the pea trellis can be rebuilt on time! I just transplanted the cukes that I started under the grow lights -which is just a shop light with a special bulb - about $3. With our raised beds, the plants can go into the ground about 10 days early since they warm up before the ground - but you still need to watch for frost warnings and cover!

Anonymous said...

Dear Brenda,
What a stupendous yard and house you would NEVER know you have faced financial hardships!! A find home I would think anyone would be happy to live in!! Thanks for sharing!! Rest up and feel good have been so ill, seems it would be easy to overdo.
BLessings, Elizabeth

Cozy Little House said...

My first visit to meet you. What a great mother you are, first of all. And if I were feeling like your son obviously was, I'd want a mother who cooks up "fill up your tummy" good food like you did for him.