Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Birds, books, and ponderings of the economic nature

The robin watch continues, although I find it strange that Stephanie has seen a robin in New England while I only thought I saw one in the Midwest.  I caught a glimpse of red in a bush near the front fence a couple weeks ago.  I was pulling out of the driveway at the time and upon my return, couldn't find the robin so there was no proof.  Husband insists it was a cardinal, as we have many of those lovely birds in the backyard. 

If Miss Victoria did indeed see a robin, she is not sharing her victory.  I fell asleep on the sofa this afternoon and felt (rather than saw) her curl up next to me to take part in an afternoon snooze.  I learned one does not want to sleep while PBS travel shows are on in the background.  While not as frightening as the SciFi channel running through one's subconscious mind, it has its' own uneasy influence.  I dreamed I was white water rafting... shudder.

I believe most of the Elizabeth Goudge and D. E. Stevenson books are out of print but a few are available.  Peresphone Books has Miss Buncle's Book (Peresphone Books has republished many vintage British books) but various original copies of both authors come available at various prices.  For instance, Pilgrim's Inn is readily available and inexpensive but many other Goudge books are more pricey.

Having such a tight budget, I'm so blessed to have sharing friends!  I did a search for The Two Mrs. Abbotts (the third Miss Buncle book) and found them available at Amazon for no less than $60.00 for "acceptable" condition.  I'll try to get it through inter-library loan.  I have a list of titles by both authors to look for at library sales.

My decision to read these two authors came about from a desire these past few years to read good literature recommended by blog friends.  I especially was interested in WWII era (and soon after) British books so Goudge and Stevenson were recommended.  The cold winter months seemed the best time to concentrate on these novels.  What treasures have been discovered! 

I had started Miss Buncle's Book after receiving it but decided to set it aside for later (so I could read at least a few Stevenson books at once).  It is such a lovely book, perfect for anyone who enjoys reading about the England of old. I'm enjoying it very much.

On a different subject, I've been asked quite often these past couple of months to do some more deepening the pantry posts.  As my mind is getting a tad bit clearer (emphasis on "tad"), I'm able to think through some more serious posts.  So.... I'm working on a two-part post about living in the underground economy (no, not the black market!) and one or two pantry posts.  All lessons learned throughout the years.

I also tried a new recipe last night, which I plan to put on the recipe blog very soon.  (Yes, I actually felt well enough to cook!)  It was a Taste of Home magazine recipe for chicken "spareribs", using chicken thighs instead of beef.   Hubby liked it a lot and it warmed up nicely for leftovers when Christopher arrived home later.


Vee said...

Oh and it just so happens that I bought chicken thighs today since they were a better value than the chicken breasts. I'll be more than ready for any post you do on surviving this economy. Ackkk...

I'm sure that you'll see your little robin very robins here quite yet. Glad that you're better, but will continue to pray you better than a "tad" better.

And I've still not been to the library for my interlibrary loan. I must read some Goudge after all this time of hearing about it here and there. Mostly here, but there, too.

itsjustdottie said...

I really enjoy your blog.I have learned so much from you. I now have a deeper pantry and a much better reading list.I even got a library card.

Anonymous said...

So, so good to have you back! Hope you continue to feel better and better. We have been seeing LOTS of robins in Oklahoma--even before our last big snow hit. I felt a little sorry for them.

I've been trying to read some Goudge books since hearing about them from you and Sarah Clarkson (how I found you). Our library system only has four of her books, with one of them being her autobiography, which I am reading first (didn't know it was her bio. until I started reading it). It's quite interesting.

La Tea Dah said...

I am really sorry you have been so sick. I hope you feel much, much better and gain strength daily.

Blessings to you!

Charm and Grace said...

I followed your comment on Nancy Lindemeyer's blog, and I am so glad I did. You are the third blogger in a week recommending Elizabeth Goudge and the second to recommend the Miss Buncle books. I am definitely going on a library search. Having read your most recent post, I am definitely going to be tuning in to your blog. We are kindred spirits on several fronts, it seems.


Anonymous said...


I'm so glad to read you are feeling better, even a "tad" is improvement :-)

Strangely, here in the Mid-Atlantic, we've had a GROUP of robins visit here last week. It was a moment of "now, what's odd about this picture?" LOL! Believe they got word I'd been double-loading the feeders. Like to think it's evidence of my deepest prayers that spring is around the bend.

Stay cozy,