Monday, February 01, 2010

Through the years

I'm a little stronger today... working through pain to wash dishes and fold laundry.  Thankful that I have the energy to get the little household tasks accomplished and for the opportunity to take an afternoon nap.  (Note to self... never fall asleep while watching a Star Trek episode again.)

Debra made the comment that I can write what I do because of the trials.  Oh, definitely.  Everything I am and we all are is the sum of all which has come before us.  As much as I can let my limitations frustrate me at times, I have often prayed that God's Will be accomplished and not my own for I want to finish well.

I can see the results of having to cling to He Who Created Me, knowing what I was like in earlier years.  Which got me to thinking... what would I have blogged in previous decades.  Hmmm...

Teens - I was radically "saved" and found a relationship with the Lord.  I'd have a radical Come to Christ blog... which may not be a bad thing.

Twenties - Probably a mommy blog as I was passionate about early childhood education... and gourmet cooking.  I would have found a way to combine the two while working full time.  Can we say... high energy years?

Thirties - Well, that was the decade I was most active politically so I would have had a political blog.  I would have made Glen Beck appear calm.  That was before I became a disgruntled Republican (which is what I put on my Facebook page).  Then I had a later-in-life baby and we went back to early childhood education, whole foods, and enjoying my pre-teen daughter... a different kind of mommy blog.

Forties - Except for a few years on staff at a church, I'd say that a blog during this decade would concentrate on Charlotte Mason homeschooling and raising an ADHD boy... and enjoying very much a high school and college age daughter (God's gift to balance the boy).  I became a grandmother.  I started writing for the Internet on an emergency preparedness forum.  This was also the decade I developed a serious illness and life changed forever... lessons learned that later became this blog

Fifties - Well... we're still working on that decade (and #60 is far off!) but I have had to become accustomed to having no child-type children at home... only a six feet tall twenty year old college student.  As well as getting used to having my husband home all day... most days (can we say serious twitch?).  :)

But it all comes together to create someone who has always loved books and coffee... but not tea (I hated tea until a few years ago... but that is another story).  Having gone through all of life's challenges while realizing more each year the importance of choosing beauty... learning to love the things of the Lord... still enjoying cooking and home and family and furry friends... all coming together to form who I am today.

I guess I'll not complain about a little pain and fatigue...  :)


Lisa Z said...

Very interesting. Disgruntled Republicans (like you) and disgruntled Democrats (like me) are gonna need to UNITE! ;-)

I enjoy reading your blog just the way it is now!

Heather said...

We had sunshine, saw our first robins today and the rhubarb is just peaking out from the mulch .... so, my friend, we will see spring soon! Hopefully with warmer days and sun to brighten your heart, you'll soon be feeling better! I love that God has used all the season of your life thus far to deepen your wisdom, temper you character and make you the inspiring woman we all enjoy here at Coffee, Tea, Books and Me!

Brenda Leyland said...

Brenda, What an interesting glimpse of your life. I enjoyed your idea of sharing what kind of blogger you would have been in each decade, based on your interests and experiences at the time.

Sharon said...

Love the twitch comment my husband is retired on disability as well I can totally relate! :)Love~Sharon

Connie said...

Life is beautiful isn't it? Every season of life has its up and downs but in Christ everything is perfect. I enjoy your posts very much.

Dawn said...

Thank you for reminding me that it is the ups and downs of life that make us who we are. I would have been a truly shallow person if I had not endured the things I have. I think it is the pain and struggles that make us interesting and lovely, even though nobody likes to go through it.

Shan said...

Dearest Brenda,

Just stopping in to say how much your blog means to really are an inspiration on so many levels.

I don't always comment as often as I should...I seem to be in "drive-by blogging" mode too often. But you are very much admired here in my home.

Yours so very kindredly,
Honey Hill Farm

Terra said...

Thank you for sharing the seasons and decades of your life, with more still to come, of course.

nanatrish said...

What a clever look at what you would have written back in the day. You are truly a writer.

Christina said...

My blog now is a lot different than what it was originally; it'll be interesting to see what adventures I'll have to post on there in the next few years. :)

I noticed a lot of spiritual growth in my mom during her forties as well. That's somewhat biased, I suppose. I don't really remember anything before her forties besides twins (especially one named Rebecca, lol).

Would you be willing to share your salvation story with us or have you already and I need to search through the archives? I love hearing about how God has brought His children to Himself; few things give me such joy.

scrappy quilter said...

I really enjoyed reading this. Such a wonderful glimpse of your life. Can't wait to see what the next years hold. Hugs

Kelly said...

What a wonderful post. Thank you for sharing yourself. You write so well. I always love my visits here.