Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Tea

I have my words back but if they at times do not make sense... blame my fuzzy head.  I had to get out yesterday and had the constant sensation that the world was moving faster than my thinking, as if I would walk off a steep embankment at any moment.  Hopefully my thinking is clearer than my walking...

Actually, these ponderings were what I had planned to write last week before the plague hit and my world became a dream-like state of sleep and wake.  Ironically, I had been thinking how the constant infection and subsequent antibiotics had sent me to Plan C.  (Plan A was long since ditched, Plan B was just holding on.)  Last week I entered Plan D.

While working in Organization Development in my former life, I had a boss who constantly told me one often goes through Plans A-Z in corporate life and then must start all over again.  Yes, this has been one of those days, weeks, months, years... lifetimes?

However, what I was actually pondering... those words that were flying around my head and trying to find an appropriate landing place in the fog... was the realization that my Plan A was never God's plan for me.  After decades of walking with Him, it has become apparent that God deals in the latter part of the alphabet.  He often brings us to Plan Z (not to mention the starting all over again part).

I suppose it has a lot to do with that whole "my ways are not your ways" thing, Him being infinite and my finiteness making Plan A seem so very good.  When looked at from the Heavenly Places of Eternity... my Plan A was too small for Him.  He wanted to take me (at times stomping my feet and complaining) through the entire alphabet of plans knowing it is in the journey that all of us become what He wanted all along... His Plan A.

I think that's why we look back now with remorse and regret when... at the time... we didn't have a clue as to what our life was all about.  We thought we were on the straight path when it was crooked, we thought we had it all together when we were falling apart, we thought we were godly when we were just following the rules. 

It is in the latter part of the alphabet, when we arrive at Plans past G and H and I... that we start to become real.  He allows disappointments and hurts, trauma and pain, success and rejoicing, walking in a fog through narrow valleys and sharp hills, brief glimpses of sunshine and glory, not often knowing but coming to understand... His ways are not our ways.  He changes our plans to form us into that which will be beautiful for all eternity.  We want an easy Today.

Yet, we ask of Him... not our will but Yours be done... thinking ahead of that Time and Place when we all come into perfection.


Bonnie said...

One of the absolute best posts I have ever read! So very, very true. As a parent, it would be the ultimate gift if we could impart this knowledge to our children when they are struggling,encountering their own hurdles and disappointments, etc. Alas, they do not usually acquire this perspective until they are, well, tested themselves. It is all sometimes just too strange to think about. God does create a way in each of our lives to meet us and our needs personally and somehow only He can impart that wisdom. Thankfully!

my cup of tea said...

Thank you for the reminder 'our plans are not always God's plans' I have a tendency to think God's going to love this....after I am done doing whatever it is (I) planed for myself! Who am (I) kidding... HaHa
Glad you are feeling better and on the road to recovery!

House Elf said...

Thank you, as I need reminders that I need to submit, your words spoke to my heart. Blessings.

matty said...


Glad you are better! I am reading James this week, again, and am reminded that this is so true -- God has control. Yield and be complete.

Feel better!


Anonymous said...

I had thought about plans A, B and maybe C...but had not considered the whole alphabet. Maybe after plans A and B went south, I stopped counting and mostly, many times anyway, just existed. One teacher we like to listen to says that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, whether we ever learn why or not. And even those hard learning days were ordained by HIM. HE knows we are frail, slow learners, and easily derailed...yet, HE ever patiently keeps teaching us. I am glad for that!

Glad you are somewhat returned...take time to rest extra. Sometimes I think we get more ill simply because we try to return to much activity too soon. And we too know the difficulty of dealing with diabetes in the midst of it all. Though we are not YET to the point you are in the disease. Blessings for better days ahead, Elizabeth

Linda Nichols said...

Brenda, these are such true words and very timely encouragement for me as I struggle through that "latter part of the alphabet." Thank you for rising from your sickbed to share them with us.


Vee said...

And it can all be just a bit scary... The good thing is that He's going with us and before us making the way through as we yield. Thank you for fighting the brain fog to write this. And do feel better. (We've been ill for much of the week so I empathize.)

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries™ said...

So happy you are getting your words back Dear Brenda. Thank you for the insight on the "best laid plans...". In thinking back on my own life I too have had many experiences with end of the alphabet plans :). Happily, hind sight reveals that they've led me to better paths and higher ground (metaphorically speaking). Take care my kind friend.
Love and hugs from,

hopeinbrazil said...

Lovely post. I'm definitely in the middle of the alphabet right now and coming to the place where I can thank the Lord that He didn't let me have my plans A, B, and C, etc.

Anonymous said...

When I passed a certain age, whatever it was, I became acutely aware that, in my way of thinking, God only had Plan A in mind for me. It was I who chose another plan (B, C, D...) because I didn't like His plan for some reason or another. My detours are what God uses to steer me back to Plan A, Plan A not being a particular physical destination but a spiritual journey to holiness, and only through Jesus Christ.
Good food for thought and meditation. Thank you.

Lisa in Texas = ) said...

I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. I just had to leave a comment to let you know how much I appreciate your post today. It was such a blessing to read.
Lisa in Texas :o)

Sharon said...

I am truly happy to see you're feeling more human once again.:)I miss you when you're ill and unable to post.Blessings&Love~Sharon

Kelly said...

What a wonderful post! It is so very true. I have recently been spending time in prayer doing my best to seek God's plan for me instead of always trying to be in control.

I hope you feel better soon!