Monday, January 04, 2010

Snowmen in the kitchen

I'm already missing the sparkle of Christmas decorations.  Everything has been packed and ready to be placed on shelves until next year.

However, there are snowmen I choose to stay out all winter.  A few are special because they are not only cute, they were given to me by special people.  

We can all use more smiles in the midst of winter's darkness.  Come springtime, most will be placed in the Rubbermaid container where they are kept safe until next year.  In the meantime... they bring whimsy and smiles to my kitchen.  :)


Suze said...

I absolutely yearn for colored lights after the Christmas decorations are taken down, so I always have kept a strand out for use all year. Now I have lights strung around the living room ceiling at the top - so we have lovely colored lights all year. This year we used some new LED lights and their extra bright colors were beautiful! I kept out a short strand of star LED lights and they are now in my computer/book room where I can look at them every night. Since I put the tree away and all the decorations after I got home from work today - I now have the little star LED lights lit in my back room and I'm looking at them as I write. I can never bear to get rid of ALL the brightness of Christmas - ever.

matty said...

Love your snowmen and your book talk! I find myself in the library looking for your recommendations. Most of what I read has to do with school, so your recommendations often become the night-night book. Last year, I very proudly read 54 books that were NOT work related. Many were Alexander Stoddard. In fact, I now, through used books, am the very delighted owner of seven of her books! LOL

Can't wait to see what makes your list this year!

Stay warm,


Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Since I enjoy our Christmasy "stuff," I leave some of ours for waaaaaaaaay longer than one should I guess. Our tree stays up until "Old" Christmas, Ephiany, and I bring out the snowmen and some wintery ornaments that will stand alone...ones with snow, red birds, etc. and display them on a small bench. I really really like Suze's idea about keeping out a short strand of lights. We absolutely don't have room but that's not stopped me before!! lol

Susan P. said...

Just wanted to let you know that I went to the library today, and upon your recommendation checked out several Elizabeth Goudge books. I hope I love them as much as you do, because I discovered that our libary has a LOT of her books!!! Yay!!! I almost felt guilty, because I know you said yours didn't even have them. Too bad you don't live closer;) Happy winter reading, Brenda!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your snowmen!! I am a snowman collector so I appreciate the collection you have. I totally love the crochet doily potholders as well!! sooo pretty!